The Zambezi Valley AZC 16th Sept

Is anyone out there on this trip - not sure if I am excited or scared! Not using the group flights so we see you there! Hope you aren't all super fit canoeists!!

Hi Barbara, we're going on this trip too, and going on the direct BA flight to Lusaka, rather than the group flight. We're def not super fit or canoeists, so planning on bringing up the rear. Combination of fear and excitement too!

Perhaps we'll see you at heathrow or possibly at the pick up hotel to wait for the others?

Chris and Jane.



We are on South African flights via Joburg and then a night in The Southern Sun before we start. Glad to hear I am not the only one who isn't a canoesist!! We will probably catch up with you at the Hotel - looking forward to it!

'Barb Snell

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