Zambia 18 Sept

Hey,Just thought I would say hi. I'm Jo and have foolishly signed up to the Zambezi Valley trip in Sept. I say foolishly as I have little to no canoeing experience and it is starting to dawn on me how weak I am! LOL! :/ but theres plenty of time for that and I'm sure it will be a great laugh. I cant actually wait! :) I travelled with Exodus to Morocco last year and had one of the best holidays ever so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else is planning on extending the holiday to go down to see the Victoria Falls? I'm thinking of taking a few days there. It seems such a waste to go so far and not see them, so if your looking for a travelling buddy or have some tips for the area, let me know. Or if you just want to get in touch pre trip then Id love to hear from you!

Jo :)


Hi Jo, we're not on this trip but we did it last year and had a great time. It doesn't seem to get talked about as much as some other trips so if you want any information we can let you know.

Off our trip all flew in and out of the UK just for the trip.

Hi there!  I'm booked on this trip too, glad to know there's somebody else out there.  Really looking forward to it, should be a fantastic trip, I'm the only person at work hoping the summer passes quickly lol!  I also went with Exodus before, to Peru, and it was a fab trip, but never been anywhere in Africa so can't wait. Something new.  I've done a little kayaking many moons ago but never been in a canoe, so will be a bit of a novice!  I've booked my flights through Exodus so will be flying out from UK. Hadn't thought about extending the trip, probably too late now if the flights are arranged. Put the thought in my head though!



Hello, I'm booked on this trip and can't wait. Not been in a canoe for a long time and never been on a trip like this.  Really looking forward to it and to having a great laugh.

Not too long to wait now.


Dear Fellow Travellers - its good to find a few of you on here. I have booked a bit late but am really loking forward to this holiday!! I have been to Africe a number of times although not with Exodus. Canoeing experience .....minimal. Like some of you I have to go back to the UK so will not be extending my trip this time. Any tips on what to take would be welcome. I am trying to decide if a kit bag or a ruck sack would be best - seems best to travel light on a trip like this. See you all soon. Sarah

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