Zambia - canoeing the Zambezi - are you on my trip?

Hi There,

My daughter and i are booked on the family canoing the Zambezi trip. I know the trip is virtually fully booked, so would love to hear from you if you are on the same trip. I know my daughter would like to share her excitement with other kids on the trip (and me too if i'm honest. Love Africa and can't wait.

Hope to be in touch

Carole x


Alas, we're on the following trip - setting off with my son on Saturday 27th August.  So we'll just miss each other.  But love to hear any news on your preparations etc (we haven't made any yet!  Must go and sort out jabs tomorrow)  and keep in touch. 



I nearly booked that trip but managed to squeeze onto mine. I'm sure there'll be more on yours. We are doing a bit of canoing practice in the summer as my sister has two canadian canoes and it'll be fun. I'm fully inocculated as i climbed Kili about 18 months ago but i have just started the process for Charley (my daughter). I know from Kili that the malaria tablets doxycyclin (can't spell it) made me feel sick and also caused severe sunburn in someone else, so i'm not going to be a cheapskate this time and pay for mavarone (can't spell that either). Other than that my thoughts haven't gone much further on what to take etc. Bit worried about the 10kg weight limit as would have liked to take my own sleeping bag - but i guess not. I have the micro travel towels, head torch etc etc from kili so i'm quite lucky in that respect. We are taking hiking boots (as i don't have walking shoes) and i figured that they would do - don't know what your opinion is? (i find the suggested kit list a little short on detail). Anyway - likewise, nice to hear from you and also any thoughts you may have and hopefully we will both hear from people on our own trips. Cheers. 



I am booked on the one leaving 20th Aug 2011 with my daughter Bethan- is that the one you are on?

I had marvarone (?) last year when I went to Indonesia - no side effects so will use those again this year if apprpriate- have booked in for appointment with nurse to see what's needed.  Any comments on when best to apply for visas ?



yes i am on your trip, with my daughter charley who is 13. Good to hear about the tablets as i am told they are the best ones. Got an appointment with the travel nurse on Tues - i'm fully covered but charley isn't - she did say though that with the type of trip she would consider rabies as it is quite prevellant in the area - better safe than sorry i think. i'm going to get the visas sorted probably mid may (can't find any notes saying any timescales so going to get it in early).

How old is your daughter? Charley is fairly outgoing and keen to meet people as we did a single parent holiday a couple of years ago and that worked out quite well with the kids all making friends (the adults having some grown up company too). I understand we have a mix of families with couples and single parents.

Have you planned anything else for the trip (still not figured my kit list out yet - 10k isn't really a lot!)




Bethan is 13 and is fairly outgoing too- . I checked with Exodus about the 10 kg- thats just for the canoe bit so we can leave some stuff and pick it up later. As I went treking/sea kayaking last year have most stuff and had vaccinations including rabies  so really only need to get Bethan organised-   for kit and vaccinations.

Ive got friends doing the non child version later on. Not been with exodus before but heard lots of good reports.



Hello Carole and Janet

We are a party of 8 going on your trip - two families! The Rose family - 2 girls aged 12 and 14 and the Green family also with two girls aged 14 and 17. It looks as if the two dads will be truly outnumbered! We are very excited too and in the process of sorting out jabs, tablets, clothes etc...the list goes on. It will be great to meet up in Lusaka. We are going earlier and will arrive in Africa on the 19th and then meeting up with you all on the 21st for departure. 

The two dads are Exodus regulars and this will be our fourth trip with them - we too did Kili almost 7 yeras ago.  This will be very different!

 Speak soon


Rose and Green families 



Nice to hear from you, i agree that the Dads are on the outnumbered side as the last remaining adult is also female (so i'm led to believe).

We are also getting ready with all the items, jabs etc. should be an amazing experience and it will be great to hear about the other trips that you have done with exodus and also your experience of Kili. We thought about going a couple of days early but ducked out at the end so will be arriving as per the schedule.

Look forward to meeting everyone in a few short weeks!



I am booked for this trip too,( prob the last remaining adult on tyour list!!) - with my 14 yr old son - another male to add to the list! A week to go and really excited. Just got stung for travel insurance as my free cover through my bank account does not cover the canoeing section!

Had my hep a booster this afternoon, my son (Gareth) had his last week. I have malerone for the two of us - have been advised to take it in the evening to allow for any stomach issues.

 Am not sure about footwear - boots or walking sandels? Big difference in space needed. Help?

We did Egypt last year with another company, but similar adventure type - Gareth already asking what we are doing next!


Will see some of you in London on the 20th - we are getting there by train from Northamptonshire. 



Hi Mandy

Great to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you and Gareth in Lusaka (we are heading over on the 19th to get there a day early) Gareth will have two men to talk to!

We are all taking walking sandals and a pair of crocs! We are also all drugged up and awash with boosters, cholera and other unknown drugs!  Let's hope they all work!

The weather forecast is looking good with highs of 28 and lows of 12. Sun tan lotion is packed.

 See you in Africa

The Rose and Green families


Hi Rose and Green Family

Many thanks for the shoe help - I dont do crocs, but do have walking sandals ready. Was unsure about boots as they so heavy, but just wondered about insects etc!!! If anyone is going to get bitten, it will be me -  need to get 100% deet despite the smell!

As long as it a bit warmer than current uk temps I will be happy!  Have the factor 30 ready.

 see you next weekend



Cant wait to meet you all, Carole, Charley, Janet and Bethan at Heathrow, the Rose and Green families in Lusaka


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