Zambia volunteer trip

Hi there

 Just very excited since booking and keen and curious to know who else will be there?

 Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi Lorna, Heather and I are going this will be our third visit to the village, it is a fantastic trip you wont be disapointed. The people are wonderful and the experience is very reqwarding.

Any questions just post them and I will answer if poss.



Hi, I'm also booked for this trip, my first volunteering trip although I have been on a couple of other Exodus trips.  I was hoping to go on the volunteering trip to Tighza in Morocco but that was full, so thought I would give Zambia a try!  I have a couple of questions - do we need to get a visa before we go or do we get it when we get there, and what is the best currency to take?




Great to hear from you all! 

Visa can be done on arrival - tho i was wondering if we need a different visa for the trip as it is volunteer work? Am guessing not or presumably we'd have been told if so. And I think there is an ATM at the airport for local currency -always good to have - but i will make sure I have some USD on me too. Good idea always to have the right money for visa ($50?) and dep tax in dollars ($20), says my previous experience, tho this will be my first time in Zambia. Sooo excited!

 Steve/Heather - do you remember if there is any mobile phone signal in the village? I will need to know in advance when and for how long i am going to be incommunicado!



We get the standard visa on arrival corect money helps but no problems with change - bit of a queue but hey this is africa. You change currency at the aiport on arrival - Andy will tell you how much local currency you will need although not that much as US dollars are the universal currency. There is some local mobile phone coverage but I have no signal using O2 so best to say whilst we are on the volunteer part of the trip you will be out of contact.

Things to bring ,

Torch, minor first aid stuff like plasters, gloves for working and leaving behind (I find a cheap pair of wilkinsions gardening gloves are ideal), tooth brushes, vitamin pills, chalk for the black boards etc. Any old clothes from childrens to teenagers aremost welcome, playing cards, small games, frisbees,

 just bring and wear old T shirts, trousers , trainers etc which we usuallly leave behind after the volunteer bit. Antibacterial hand wash, you may need some cereal bars / dried fruit or similar if you find you find eating the local food hard going as they make a great snack but also great to leave behind if you dont need them.

It is a nice guesture to buy a little gift for the family you stay with - something british ? we have taken a paddington bear toy and the books associated with him. A tea pot as they drink a sort of tea, wind up torches and also a solar powered charger for mobile phones ( as they have to pay someone who has a generator to charge up) other than that just turn up and expect to have a fantastic trip - emotionally one of the most rewarding things we have ever done as the villagers have literally nothing to give but friendship and hapiness.

 Last time we went had over 80 kilos of luggage between the two of us  on arrival and took back 15Kg between us on the way back so if you think along these lines you wont go far wrong.

 Steve and Heather

P.S. if you have any specfic questions reply back on this post and I will try to answer.


For all the useful tips above. Some of which I had heard but will make a note of all this now and start collecting! Sounds like I need to check my baggage allowance! Normally travel very light. In my case, the present might end up being German as I am living in Düsseldorf at the moment.

 Anyway, if I think of any more questions, I'll shout and looking forward to meeting you at the Arcades in Lusaka as I fly out the day before you arrive and have been told to head there instead of back to the airport.

 Bye for now


Hi again,

Thanks for the info on what to bring, I'm in Churchill in Canada at the moment, volunteering, seen the Aurora Borealis several nights, amazing!  Will have to start collecting things to take to Zambia when I get back to the UK in 10 days time.



Just curious as to what you are up to volunteering in Canada? Hope the rest of the trip goes well!


Your local health clinic  or doctors surgery will tell you which vaccinations you will need, we are already covered as we have ahd all out hepatitus, typhoid, yellow fever etc for other trips, the only thing we need to get are our malaria tablets.

 Yes all the people speak english - the children are taught this at a very early age so English books are great.


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