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Does anyone know which hotels exodus use on zanzibar, we are booked on kenya/tanzania/zanzibar holiday this year and would like to know what to plan for

Did this trip last year - we stayed at Smiles Beach Villas in Nungwi and the Shangani Hotel in Stone Town.  Both were great - comfortable air conditoned rooms.  You will definitely appreciate the warm showers after the camping leg!



Thanks for that, i have a few other questions you may be able to answer, how big are the lockers on the truck, we were going to take 65litre back packs to carry everything in for the trip, will this be too big?, is there anything you think we should take?

The lockers are bigger than they look - although it is necessary to unpack your stuff to fit it all in.  There is space at the back of the truck for storing sleeping bags and thermarests.  This does of course assume the same style of truck ("ours" was retired after our trip.!).

Bagwise a big kitbag is probably the best bet as you have to fold it and store it in the bottom of your lcoker - (assuming same style of locker!).  Anything with rigid frame or base would be a bit tricky.

Clothing choice can be tricky as there are a couple of legs that are very cold - these are primarily the drive from Kembu down into Tanzania (the combination of early start and altitude) and the campsite on the crater rim.  You will need a warm fleece and jacket and If you have space some gloves and hat come in handy.  It's also worth packing some long sleeved clothes for mozzie prevention in the evening and some protection from tetse flies in the serengeti (they nip, but are harmless, deet does not deter them!).

The drive from The Serengeti to the crater can be very dusty - so scarf or shamagh is useful addition.

Other essentials include antibac handwash/wipes and a hat.

It's a really great trip and it almost feels like three holidays in one - days are long and there is never a dull moment.  As well as the stopping points travelling on the truck gives you a great insight into african life.  All of the optional actiaties are great - I'd especially recomend the dolphin excursion on Zanzibar.  The bar at Snake Park is also second none!

Hope this helps - I posted a lot of images at if you want a sneak preview of what to expect/

I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. East Africa is awesome


Wow, your pics are absolutely amazing!

Thanks for the advice on what to take.

Can't wait now that we have seen your pics!

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