Sal & Mahua Project

The Sal & Mahua Schools Project, India

The Sal & Mahua Schools Project

Bandhavgarh National Park, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is home to one of the last few viable concentrations of tigers on Earth. Despite being declared a Tiger Reserve in 1968, sadly, it is not immune to the twin threats of poaching and encroachment by the many villages that surround the park.

Since 2005, Exodus has been funding various building and improvement works to the schools surrounding the park boundary and in 2015 we teamed up with The Corbett Foundation, an Indian not for profit charitable trust dedicated to conservation-orientated research, to broaden our impact.

Our alliance has enabled the Corbett Foundation to undertake much of the planned rebuilding and equipping of two schools in Bandhavgarh. This work has included building protective boundary walls, proper toilets, kitchens, and solar water pumps to supply the schools with clean drinking water. By providing 1,000 local children with an education underwritten by conservation, this initiative is helping highlight to the surrounding communities the benefits of their striped neighbours and contribute to the protection of tigers from poachers, encroachment, and conflict.

W O R T H   M O R E   A L I V E  X

WMAX is the fundraising arm of The Sal & Mahua Schools Project and at the helm of this is our very own expert guide and award-winning wildlife photographer, Paul Goldstein. In 2020, he vowed to raise £100,000 for the protection and conservation of endangered Bengal tigers through our work in conservation education with local communities in Bandhavgarh by running the London Marathon and the Everest Marathon in the mere space of a month in Spring 2021. If you’d like to support our work in Bandhavgarh and donate to Paul’s epic mission, please see here.