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Himalayan scenery

The Himalayan Community Project

Exodus leaders distributing food on streets of Kathmandu

Due to COVID 19,  the tourism industry has been hit hard in Nepal which has resulted in a huge rise in the number of unemployed, homeless, and hungry in Kathmandu. Many businesses that depend fully or partly on the travel industry have collapsed and there are no government schemes in Nepal to support those left without jobs. Now thousands have no income and cannot pay rent or buy food, and, although the situation is different from the devasting earthquake in 2015, the country – especially Kathmandu – is on its knees once again.

Local Nepalis are trying to help and soup kitchens serving dal bhat have been set up in some neighbourhoods. Our local colleagues in Kathmandu, together with the Exodus Travels Foundation, are now seeking to contribute to these efforts.

One of our Exodus team in Nepal, Karma, owns a small bakery there, and each day he has been baking more than he sells and giving the surplus to those in need on the streets nearby. The Exodus Travels Foundation is now supporting him to expand his inspiring efforts and to employ our local tour leaders in distributing packed meals, starting with a pledge to fund 1,000 food parcels over the coming month. Each day, Karma and his family are baking bread and packing 50 food parcels, to be distributed by Exodus’ tour leaders to the needy and vulnerable across Kathmandu. By distributing dry food (bread, eggs, fruit) rather than a hot meal, these parcels can be taken by the recipients to be shared with others or eaten later.

If you’d like to contribute and help us increase the number of meals Karma can provide, you can do so here. £5 will pay for 5 packed meals – including a loaf of Karma’s fresh baked bread – and all donations will be matched by the Foundation (up to £1,000). We’re so grateful for any support you can give.

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