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The Maasai Warrioress Project

The Maasai Warrioress Project

The fight for total abandonment of FGM in Loita

For over 12 years, the UK and Kenyan based charity S.A.F.E have been working with the Maasai community in the Loita Hills, fighting against the ancient practice of female circumcision (FGM). Through the kindness of our customers and supporters, The Exodus Travels Foundation has provided financial support for S.A.F.E Maa to carry out their work, which has included performance tours, one on one interventions, workshops and school clubs.

In February 2019, a ‘Declaration of Abandonment’ was signed by the Maasai Cultural Leaders, a historic step to sustainably end this outdated tradition in the Loita Hills area. Led by S.A.F.E co Project Manager and Maasai Warrioress, Sarah Tanoi, the work of the charity continues, spreading their message further to educate communities and encourage progressive, sustainable change in the surrounding areas to end the traditional ritual of female cutting during the Loita graduation ceremony in favour of the new alternate Loita Rite of Passage (LRP).