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School Essentials by Boat
School Essentials by Boat Project, Laos

School Essentials by Boat

Delivering school and hygiene packs by boat in Laos

The devastating impact of the global pandemic resulted in a drastic decrease in tourism along the Mekong and Ou Rivers in Laos, which in turn has affected the livelihood of communities in the surrounding areas near Luang Prabang.

With the substantial loss of their earnings, many families are now struggling to provide the basic essentials and school uniforms their children need for school. Due to this lack of funds, many children will not be sent back to school and will effectively lose out on their education which could have a big impact on their future.

To help support these families and children in need, Exodus Tour Leader and Co-Founder of Baraka Community Partnerships, Andy McKee, is looking to send essential hygiene and education packages (of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, notebook, pen, pencil, ruler) to 500 primary school children, along with 50 school uniforms. Working closely with Andy McKee, we’re helping to raise money through the Community Kickstart Project so that these packages and uniforms are sent directly to their families, enabling 500 children to get back to school and continue their studies.

These packages and uniforms will be delivered by Baraka’s long-term Laotian NGO partners for almost 10 years, Community Learning International (CLI). One of CLI’s ongoing charitable projects is their “Book Boat” initiative which helps to take over 1,000 Laos books to more than 100 riverside villages along the Mekong River for children in remote communities to read. With their vast experience in the area around Luang Prabang, they are the ideal partners to assist the distribution of these essential packages to 500 school children.

Andy McKee, explains, “Laos has been shut to tourism for some time now due to Covid-19 and this has had a massive economic effect on many river villages that rely primarily on tourism. Schools and kids are struggling for basic hygiene and educational supplies so this grant will be a huge help for hundreds of children and their families.”

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