10 Photos to Make You Drop Everything and Go to Canada

Canada turns 150 this year - and we have to say, Canada, you're looking pretty good for your age. 

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of confederation, we've collected some jaw-dropping photos of Canada's wild, untamed beauty. 

Lose yourself in the majesty of the Canadian Rockies

Views of Mount Robson, Canada

Feel the power of thundering waterfalls in deep canyons

Johnston Canyon Waterfalls, Banff National Park

Find peace gazing out over perfect, tranquil lakes

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park


Get a thrill seeing the incredible wildlife

Bear, Canada

 Take to the tranquil waters to see things from a new perspective

Kayaking, Canada

Or just relax on the beaches

Beaches, Torfino

Enjoy the sound of silence, in the company of nature

Vancouver Island

Just savour the scenery in the national parks 

Yoho National Park

 Sit back, and drink it all in. 

Waterton Lake

Happy birthday, Canada!

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As another year flies past, it’s time for us to ask ourselves one simple question: where next?

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