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Croatia, this gem of the Adriatic will charm you with its rich and evocative history, extraordinary food and wine, hundreds of years of art and architecture, intact nature, and an array of activities.

Influence of ancient tribes, Greece, Rome, Venice, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire resulted in the abundance of styles displayed in one captivating harmony. This mix of visual, taste and even sound stimuli make for one unique and unforgettable Croatia holiday that will leave you craving your next visit.

Dalmation Islands CroatiaDalmation Coast

1. Dalmatian Coast 

Imagine waking up with an amazing view of the turquoise sea, then roaming through the stone streets of the old towns, or visiting one of Croatia’s 1244 islands.

Enjoy an afternoon of exploring culture and customs, meeting the hospitable locals and resting on the beach or spend your evening wining and dining in view of an awe-inspiring sunset, while a Klapa band serenades you.

DubrovnikDubrovnik city walls

2. Dubrovnik 

Whether you decide to take a stroll on its iconic walls or to get lost exploring the charming streets of the UNESCO protected Old Town, this ’Pearl of the Adriatic’, as described by Lord Byron, will most certainly leave you breathless.

Dubrovnik Cable CarDubrovnik cable car

3. Dubrovnik Cable Car 

Float above the city on a short cable car ride to the hill of Srđ, before delighting in the most memorable dining experience with a breathtaking view of the foregrounded city and the endless blue sea. 

 505887683Lokrum Island

4. Island of Lokrum 

Myths and legends are abundant in Croatia’s rich history, and Lokrum is no exception. Engage in an eerie and interesting tour of the island’s historical gems, before awakening your inner explorer in this captivating nature reserve. The unique flora and fauna makes this lush oasis a shutterbug’s paradise.

Paklenica National ParkPaklenica National Park

5. Paklenica National Park 

Trek off the beaten track into this untouched national park, famous for canyons, caves, and flowing freshwater springs. Step into the fairylands from old Croatian fables and draw inspiration from the mountain wilderness.

Visit Paklenica National Park on our Croatia: Islands & Mountains trip

Island of KrkIsland of Krk

6. Island of Krk 

Renowned as the birthplace of Croatia’s culture, tradition, and even it’s very first letter, Krk is an island not to be missed. This treasure has it all – antiquity, culture, gastronomy, healing mud,  crystal clear waters and pristine coastlines. One of the brightest jewels of this island is its outstanding native wine, Žlahtina, meaning ‘noble’.  


7. Historical Complex of Split – Diocletian’s Palace 

Split is a bustling coastal city with a rich past, the historical events that occurred there shaped the state of the world in the 3rd and 4th centuries. UNESCO protected ruins come to life with interactive tours within the ancient fortress. Discover why evenings in Split are so passionately sung about.

TrogirCity of Trogir

8. Historic City of Trogir 

Well deserving of its nickname, ‘The Stone Beauty’ is a charming isle famous for UNESCO recognized craftsmanship stone art. Nestled between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo, here every stone in the road tells a story from the past. 

9. Cuisine  

Whatever your palate prefers, Croatian cuisine has something to satisfy your cravings and your curiosity. No meal may begin before an array of appetizers. A generous portion of Pršut (Croatian smoked ham), a selection of homemade cheeses, capers, and anchovies are specialities paired with delectable local wines.

Peka – meat or fish cooked to perfection under a bell-shaped lid covered with hot coals often follows as the main dish. Croatia’s beautiful, clean seas are filled with the healthiest, tastiest seafood. Of course, no dish is complete without a drizzle of exquisite local olive oil and shavings of award-winning Istrian truffles. 


10. Zagreb 

Croatia’s capital will surprise you with its plentiful parks, forests, and lakes weaved within the streets. This metropolis is a bustling thoroughfare for travellers, and home to a multitude of museums, a platter of gastronomical experiences, and a packed program of street markets, festivals, and cultural events.

Animated and enchanting in every season, you’ll fall in love with the city and people upon the first footprint.

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