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5 Simple Truths All Trekkers Acknowledge

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single trekker in possession of a well-packed bag must be in want of... well, nothing else actually. Regardless of whether you're taking on high-altitude summits or almost-flat riverside rambles, there are some simple measures every experienced walker will recommend. With that in mind, here is Exodus’ never-fail advice for taking on the trails.


1. Lightweight Layers

If you want to win Best Dressed on the mountain, the secret is layers. Try to go for space-efficient options – thin, warm merino wool is less bulky than chunky knit cardigans, so it takes up less space and dries quicker if you get wet.

Top tip: Thermals don’t have to be baselayers – and can take up less room in your daysack than a fleece.


2. Comfort

Nothing wins over comfort. Make sure you've broken in your boots: blisters have ruined too many treks to count. Whatever you wear should be right for you – several Exodus trekkers swear by shorts in almost all circumstances, even snow – just make sure you keep the weight down in your daysack.

Top tip: never wear anything brand new for the first time on a walking holiday. Wear your new boots or rucksack on a couple of practice walks first to make sure nothing rubs. 


3. Soggy is second-best

Never, ever get caught without your waterproofs. A lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers in the bottom of a rucksack are essential. Especially when camping! Once you’re wet, it’s hard to get dry – prevention is better than cure.

Top tip: even the most expensive rucksack in the world isn't fully waterproof. Invest in an inexpensive rucksack cover to ensure your possessions stay bone dry - especially if you have valuable camera equipment. 


4. The non-trekking outfit

Having a change of clothes is the nicest luxury on a point-to-point trek. Get out of those chunky boots, have a quick wash, and put on a fresh set – it isn't a fashion statement, but you’ll feel (and smell!) like a whole new hiker when you sit down for dinner.

Top tip: trying to pack light on a two week trek? That second fleece can start as your evening outfit, but rotate round to your walking jumper in the second week if necessary. 


5. BYOB – Bring Your Own Bogroll

If nature calls, you want to be ready. Taking a few tissues will never go amiss if there's no convenient conveniences.

Top tip: re-use the ziplock bag from airport security for hand luggage liquids as a rubbish bag - you don’t want to leave litter on the hills.


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