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So for a bit of Nordic number crunching, here’s our selection of superlatives and fjord-related facts about the majestic landscape of Norway.

Interesting Facts about Norway 

Sognefjord – The Longest

This is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. An impressive 200km stretch of seawater divides into increasingly spindly offshoots as it invades the landscape, although the ‘The King of the Fjords’ deserves its crown for other reasons as well…

Naeroyfjord – The Narrowest

In contrast, the Naeroyfjord is the narrowest of the fjords – only 250m between the dramatic escarpments at its thinnest point. This UNESCO World Heritage Site takes its name from ‘Njord’, the Norse god of the sea.

Nowhere else does the infinite power of the gods seem more appropriate; the sheer walls of the fjords impose more than as you creep between the towering rocks. This is a mythic landscape, one where folkloric fantasies ignite the imagination.

The Jostedalsbreen – The Biggest

The largest glacier in continental Europe, the Jostedalsbreen ice cap is a staggering 50 miles long and up to 600m at the thickest point. If melted, the ice locked up in the glacier could reportedly fill 300 thousand million bathtubs. Handy to know if there’s ever a drought.

Feigumfoss Waterfall – (one of the) Highest

The sound of a liquid avalanche crashing 218m drown onto the rocks is the fanfare which heralds the arrival of one of the highest waterfalls in Norway, Feigumfoss.

The ‘Romantic Road’ leading to the waterfall twists through the scenic splendour of Lusterfjord, one of the smaller, quieter arms branching away from the Sognefjord.

Urnes Stave Church – The Oldest

Urnes is the oldest church in Norway, and one of the most beautiful. Rebuilt in 1150, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is built almost entirely of wood, and intricately carved with arched gables and entwined vine reliefs. The wooden Stave churches are unique to Norway and play a crucial part in their religious heritage.

5 Fascinating Norway Facts Urnes Church 

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See the Jostedalsbreen ice cap both on foot and by boat, from the backdrop of the Jostedalsbreen National Park and then from the waters of a glacial lake.

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