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We know how difficult it can be to find your next adventure. That’s why at Exodus we offer a wide range of different adventure holidays.

We’re flexible on how and when you travel, and even who you travel with – whether that’s with the like-minded travellers of a group trip, or friends and family on a self-guided or a Tailormade adventure.

Here we detail the different style of adventure holidays you can take with us…

Guided Group Tours

Your Adventure, Your Way: Choose How You TravelGuided cycling tour

Our guided group trips are our most popular type of holiday. Guided exploration, with small like-minded groups, is how we began, and we’ve been doing it for over 40 years now.

Our groups average 10-12 people. This means our trips aren’t disruptive to the places we visit, and having a smaller number of guests creates a good group dynamic too.

You’ll get to know a range of people who come from different backgrounds but have a shared interest in travel. And with a local expert on every adventure, you’ll experience the true nature of your chosen destination.

Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are famous for going the extra mile to make sure your holiday is the best it can possibly be!

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Going Solo – Sue’s Story

Sue Clarke has taken at least six trips with us now to destinations as diverse as Croatia and Tanzania:

“There have been times when I’ve only been able to take a holiday at short notice, making it easier to jump onto a group trip than arrange anything with friends or family. Apart from once, I didn’t know anyone else on the trip before the starting point.

It’s a wonderful way to see varied and interesting places in great company, with a really good combination of solo travellers, couples and friends.

Your Adventure, Your Way: Choose How You TravelLost City of Petra

And I’ve kept in touch with people from all of them, mainly through Facebook. It’s always been good to see what trips they go on, and add them to the wish list!

It’s also meant I’ve visited some amazing locations that I hadn’t been planning to see, and places that I wouldn’t have come across without local knowledge – beautiful views, or unusual restaurants and bars.

On my trip to Petra, our brilliant guide took us on a back route over lots of rocks past Berber caves so that we came out on an outcrop of rocks overlooking the famous Treasury, rather than at ground level – giving us some great photo opportunities.”

Did you know?

Around half of our customers travel solo, booking onto small group trips with a mixture of couples, other solo travellers and groups of friends.

It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who share the same passion for travel. And on Exodus guided groups you’ll never have to pay more because you’re booking by yourself.

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Bikes & Back roads – Cycling with Chris

Your Adventure, Your Way: Choose How You TravelChris Batten with his group

For Exodus customer Chris Batten, it was a case of no compromise. He’d set his heart on an itinerary that we’d temporarily rested, and contacted us to see if we could make it happen. The answer? Of course we could. 

“We’re a group of eight friends who had undertaken our own trips before, and we really liked the look of the Cycling India’s Hill Stationstour.

It had the look and feel of a ‘backroads trip’ which, in our experience of Exodus trips such as Vietnam and Sri Lanka, means meeting and interacting with local people just going about their everyday lives,” he says.

The trip, bookended by two great highlights – the Golden Temple at Amritsar and the colonial hill station of Shimla – really does dig deep to reveal the wonders of this magical corner of India.

“Having done several Exodus group trips before it was interesting to reflect on the differences to a private group of friends. We basically had a party for two weeks running! 

We knew each other’s foibles and strengths, we were able to look out for each other during the day and then we’d arrive at a new destination each night and have a great evening.

The Exodus driver had an uncanny ability to deliver a case of cold beer to our destination each day just as we arrived (officially known as a landing beer) which somehow makes the aches of the day’s ride mellow,” Chris laughs. 

But asked what really made the trip live long in their memories, Chris had no hesitation. “Our trip leader, Sanjay,” he says. “He was engaging, warm-hearted and generous – he made it a special trip for us.

One example of many was when we were huddled around an open fire outside a guest house most of the way up the Jalori Pass and Sanjay started singing a traditional Hindi song.”

Self-Guided Adventures

Self-Guided Tours cyclingSelf-guided cycling trip

Rather than following a guide who points you in the right direction, the decisions are yours to make; based on personal interests and preferences and detailed route notes that offer you all the information you’ll need for your destination.

Prefer to spend a lazy afternoon picnicking by a riverbank? With self-guided travel, you set your own pace, which means there’s always time for that paddle in the sea, the detour to visit the nearby chateaux, that extra piece of cake at lunchtime!

For those looking for a little more independence, self-guided travel provides the opportunity for you to explore things in your own way.

And of course, we take care of your luggage making sure it’s transferred and ready for you at your next accommodation. Perfect for that anniversary or birthday celebration!

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