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The largest island in the Caribbean has no shortage of attractions. Here are just some of the incredible Cuban attractions you’ll love.

Things to do in Cuba

1. Havana

Havana’s charming Old town, with its faded colonial grandeur and brightly coloured buildings, is always a hit, as is the fortified port. Perfect for people watching, baseball watching, and rum sipping – Buena Vista Social Club, and home of the Castro brothers.

2. Che Guevara (Santa Clara)

Resting place of the iconic revolutionary figure. Visit the mausoleum, built on the site of the final battle of the Cuban Revolution in 1958.

3. Homestays & Salsa (Trinidad and Cienfuegos)

Stay with locals in ‘Casas Particulares’ and soak up the ever-present music in these colourful coastal towns. Try out a salsa class in Trinidad – it’s basically impossible not to love the nightlife here.

4. Bay of Pigs (Playa Larga)

Site of the failed CIA-backed invasion of Cuba in 1961. Snorkelling and swimming opportunities here.

5. Beaches & Mojitos (Maria La Gorda & Cayo Levisa)

9 Amazing Cuban AttractionsRooftop mojitos 

Kick back and relax. We offer trip extensions to the tiny island of Cayo Levisa, and Maria La Gorda features on the mixed activity and family itineraries.

6. Hand rolled cigars (Vinales)

9 Amazing Cuban Attractions Hand rolling a cigar in Cuba 

The best tobacco plantations can be found in the Pinar de Rio province, characterised by dramatic Limestone Karsts and a slow pace of life.

7. Mountain Terrain (Sierra Maestra)

Trek to Comandancia La Plata, Fidel Castro’s mountain headquarters. This is a walk in the footsteps of history. The 26th July movement set up base here in 1956 following their arrival from Mexico on the yacht named ‘Granma’.

8. Remote Baracoa

Discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1942 upon landing in Cuba, this is the oldest Spanish settlement on the island. Road access was only established in the 1960’s.

9. El Cobre (Santiago de Cuba)

‘Our Lady of Charity’, the most important church and pilgrimage destination in the country for the predominantly Roman Catholic population.

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