Ask Dave Cycles: All the Videos in One Place!

Meet Dave Sear, front runner for the hotly contested title of Most Keen Cyclist here at Exodus, and our go-to guy for all things bike…

Dave in action Dave in action

Dave’s life goal is to get you out and cycling better than ever. Whether you’re a leisurely rider or a hard core fanatic, he’s here to remove any roadblocks you may have come up against.

Got a kit question but you’re intimidated by biking shops? Ask Dave! Worried about your bike’s settings and need to give it an MOT? Ask Dave! Want to work on your technique and physique for an upcoming challenge? Ask Dave, of course!

He has been answering any and all biking queries you might have on his dedicated troubleshooting email hotline at [email protected] and on twitter @ExodusCycles but now he’s stepping up a gear with his online video tutorials.

Ask Dave videos are all about empowering you to get out there and get cycling. So if there's a video we're missing and you'd like to see, get in touch - and he'll help you out!

Until then, get a snippet of Dave’s expertise below. All the Ask Dave videos are here, or you can watch them on youtube too.

How to Fix a Puncture

Never get caught out again!



How To Do an M Check

Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you.


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