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With a country as diverse and riveting as India, it can feel almost impossible trying to narrow down which region to visit first. Fortunately India abounds with exciting opportunities for all kinds of cyclist – and regardless of how hardcore you are (or aren't!), getting on your bike is one of the best ways to uncover India’s many incredible spots. So to give you a head start and a few ideas, we’ve carefully highlighted our favourite rides across India and given you an insight into which one is best for you!

Cycling Through Rajasthan: Best for Iconic Sights

Taj Mahal at sunset Taj Mahal at sunset


Rajasthan is a landscape of imposing hill forts, where every horizon is shaped by powerful rulers from bygone eras. This is the ride for you if you want to be impressed: desert fortresses, mind-boggling palaces and most famous of all, the shimmering onion dome of the Taj Mahal at sunset.

Cycling Through Rajasthan

Cycling Through Rajasthan - Premium 

Cycle the Coast of Kerala: Best for First Time Visitors (NEW!)

Houseboat, Kerala Houseboat, Kerala


This is the ideal introduction to cycling in India. If you’ve never done a cycling holiday before, this one week trip gives you a chance to see the highlights of Kerala from the saddle, without worrying about biting off more than you can chew. It’s graded leisurely/moderate, so you have plenty of time to explore Kerala’s spice ports, colourful temples and beautiful beaches both on and off your bike. It’s the perfect taster!

Cycling the Coast of Kerala

Mysore to Goa Ride: Best for History (NEW!)

Mysore Palace Mysore Palace


It’s fair to say we’re feeling hyped about this one. Cycling makes for the perfect journey between historic sites – and getting on your bike gives you a better feel for the countryside and the people who live here. Your ride will take you from Hindu and Jain holy places to ancient houses of great power, including the ruins of the Tiger of Mysore’s Palace, passing some surprising waterfalls along the way.

Mysore to Goa Ride

Cycle Kerala & Tropical India: Best for Tranquility

Sunset Sunset


When it comes to getting away from it all, India is rarely at the top of the list. But we’ll make an exception for this one. Cycling takes you away from the busy cities and through small villages and countryside, giving you a feel for rural life in southern India. Top it all off with a cruise along the backwaters on a traditional coir houseboat, watching the sun go down, beer in hand, and – well, we’re convinced.

Cycle Kerala & Tropical India

Cycling India’s Hill Stations: Best for Rural Life

Cyclists passing chortens, Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Cyclists passing chortens, Tibetan Buddhist Monastery


This is one of India’s hidden gems. Much less frequented by tourists, this region is tucked up in the north, peering towards the towering snow-capped bulk of the Himalaya. The views are spectacular, the cycling challenging but rewarding, and the chances to see local life away from the big cities and urban sprawl is unparalleled. Some things you only get to see from the saddle.

Cycling India's Hill Stations

Southern India Coast to Coast Ride: Best for Scenic Variety

Cyclists crossing bridge, near Cochin Cyclists crossing bridge, near Cochin


Whichever way you cut it, being able to say you’ve cycled across India is pretty cool. It’s also one of the best ways to see the south in all its glory, steadily changing as you go on day to day, seeing the scenery switch from coastal to inland, visiting incredible cities along the way – think Madurai’s inimitable temples, the C16th capital of Thanjavur, or the hill stations and tea plantations of the Cardamom Hills.

Southern India Coast to Coast Ride

Manali to Leh: Best for Epic Mountain Vistas

Manali to Leh scenery Manali to Leh scenery


This may not be for the faint hearted but it sure does reward your efforts without reservation. To cycle the majestic Indian Himalaya is no small achievement, and expect to end each day with a full heart and that satisfying ache that tells you that you earnt this view. And what a view it is: six high mountain passes fluttering with rainbow-bright prayer flags, surrounded by snow-capped giants, and stark but stunning rock formations. An adventure you’ll never forget.

Manali to Leh Ride

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