Finland’s blend of natural beauty, wild summer activities and winter magic make this special country an extraordinary holiday hotspot or cool getaway all year round! Crunch through crisp snow in untouched frosty landscapes or delve into the Finnish wilderness in full bloom, spotting wildlife along the way. If you’re lucky to catch the colourful Northern Lights, they create an otherworldly nightscape too. On our Winter adventures in Finland, venture through the forest following reindeer tracks and stay in cosy lodges, sipping delicious glögi – mulled wine, by the fire. Visit Finland and discover why it’s affectionately known as ’the happiest country in the world’.

Husky sledding in Finland

  1. Finnish Wilderness Week 

Discover Finland’s winter wonderland. On this guided tour you will set your sights on wilderness views, staying in Oulanka National Park, with plenty of mind-blowing moments, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

Activity Level: For the majority of this trip, the activities are a moderate level. No previous experience is required. 

Highlights: The snow globe scenery is one of the many appeals of Finland. Set off dogsledding into the woods on a mushing adventure, learn the art of quinzee building, and head down to Juuma Lake to indulge in cross country skiing. Take in the snowy backdrop, snowshoeing through glistening trees and at night, under the Northern Lights in incredible colour.  

When to go: In mid-winter, December and January, the trees are blanketed with snow and frosty activities are in full swing. You can spot the spectacular Northern Lights from September to late April. 

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  1. Finnish Winter Adventure Family Holiday 

Finland is a family holiday destination like no other, discover the beautiful wilderness on snowshoes, cross-country skis, dogsled and reindeer sleighs. This trip is topped off with watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky before bed! 

Activity Level: This mixed-activity family trip is leisurely- moderate in difficulty. The whole family can learn new activities together with no previous experience, with plenty of free time and optional activities. 

Highlights: This wild adventure is jam-packed with incredible experiences for kids that are the stuff family legends are made of. Snowshoe past frozen rapids and warm up in the sauna or hot tub. Meet howling huskies and sled with them. Visit a reindeer farm and take a sleigh ride pulled by these furry creatures. Let creativity lead the way, building forts, and snow sculptures as a clan. After all the icy fun, sip hot chocolate around the fire.  

When to go: In December and January, the sun is perched on the horizon line. The Northern Lights are most visible from September to April.  

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  1. Snowshoeing in Finland  

Explore snow-laden pine trees, frozen lakes, and waterfalls by snowshoe. Led by our expert local guide, you can explore the heart of the Finnish winter wilderness. Check two national parks off your list and try a multitude of activities.  

Activity Level: This trip is moderate, snowshoeing over mostly flat terrain and there are no big drops. No snowshoeing experience is necessary! 

Highlights: Trek over frozen Juuma Lake and take in unparalleled views while you snowshoe over suspension bridges and around Lake Jyravajarvi and Castle Rock. Discovering Finland’s winter landscapes by foot isn’t the only way to get around, try downhill skiing and take an exhilarating snowmobile safari. After all the fun, join your group for dinner around the campfire. 

When to go: Long nights make winter the prime time for viewing the Northern Lights, January to March is the peak time for snowshoeing when the days are a little longer.   Find out more about our Snowshoeing in Finland here > Brown bears and cubs in Ouklana National Park

  1. Wild Finland 

Experience Finland in full bloom, and dive into Finland’s storybook natural wilds in search of gentle giants coming out from hibernation. Spot Finland’s remarkable wildlife, watching eagerly from a hide for the arrival of Brown bears.  

Activity Level: This trip is leisurely- moderate with some challenging walks. Designed to surround you with the Finnish wilderness, while having the comfort of Basecamp Oulanka to return to each evening.  

Highlights: Take on Finland’s wild side, observing Brown bears in a hide. Follow the ‘Little Bear’ trail in Oulanka National Park and walk with happy huskies through Riisitunturi National Park, soaking up the stillness of the country’s bright summers. You’ll find the nights are truly surreal with up to 22 hours of daylight! 

When to go: This tour is perfect for your summer 2023 adventure! The temperatures sit around 15°C.  

Cross-country skiing  around Akaslompolo in Finland

  1. Cross Country Skiing in Lapland  

The Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park in Finland is where this self-guided journey will take you. With superb cross-country skiing through the beautifully preserved Lappish landscape, stop in a skiers’ cafe where you can try the local delicacy of ‘pulla’, a sweet sticky roll.  

Highlights: Stay in Yllas resort, a cross country skier’s paradise neighbouring the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park. Lapland is utterly magical in the winter with the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky. Ski in and out of family-run inns and try your hand at snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and pure alpine bliss, downhill skiing.  

Activity Level: This tour offers more flexibility as its self-guided, so you can ski as much as you like. The hotel will help you to book any additional activities you want to try! 

When to go: 

The Winter ski season runs from November to May. The temperature in the winter is below zero. The long nights of winter are the best opportunity for viewing the northern lights in Yllas. 

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