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We’re kicking off week two of the World Cup with another match made in heaven: France versus Peru.

Whilst Peru may be the underdogs on the pitch, there’s no doubt these two are closely matched in the travel sweepstakes. Join us as we break down some of the similarities – and differences – between the two.

France or Peru?

Hiking heavyweight

Group admiring views of Mont Blanc, FranceHiking in the Peruvian Andes

When it comes to trekking credentials there isn’t much between the two. Both nations sport access to a phenomenal mountain range apiece – Peru has the Andes and France the Alps.

Trekkers can lose themselves in these mountains for months and not have to retrace their steps – but the most popular way remains the iconic treks that have captured travellers’ hearts for generations.

For Peru, it’s the Inca Trail – for France, the Tour du Mont Blanc. Both are rich with history – the Inca Trail is the beating heart of the Andes, where you daily pass the ruins that tell the story of a lost civilisation.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is rich with alpinist heritage, harking back to a time of explorers, climbers and pioneers testing the edge of human endurance.

What sets them apart is the scenery – for Peru, imagine thriving tropical cloud forests cloaking steep-sided valleys, for France, the classic chocolate-box chalets dotting the bright green valleys echoing with cowbells.

One All

 All Raise a glass

France versus PeruFrench red wine

For many of us, what we drink during the game is part of a ritual. Whether it’s sticking the kettle on during the ad break or a round of beers down the local pub, it becomes a part of the experience – and travel is no different.

Getting a taste of local life is as easy as ordering a glass of whatever the locals are drinking, which is no hardship in Peru where the freshly mixed pisco sours are world-class.

This classic cocktail is a quintessential part of a visit to South America, with its distinctive green colour and frothy top. Less appetising is the lurid yellow Inka Cola – but it’ll give you a sugar hit if you’re low on energy.

With this in mind, we award the winning point to France for this one, for its wine. France is one of the world’s best and most prolific wine producers, with around 8 billion bottles of fine vintages making produced each year. A favourite pastime for Exodus travellers is exploring the vineyards themselves, often on bikes, before settling down to a glass or three with, before or after dinner. A votre sante!

France 2 Peru 1


Uros islands, Lake Titicaca, PeruPeru viaggidea voyager inka

Peru wins this one hands-down. Not that we don’t love France’s lakes – and Lac Annecy remains one of the most picturesque spots to repose in the shade and while away a few hours – but Lake Titicaca is the deserving winner of the crown.

The largest lake in South America is also one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Floating reed islands, welcoming homestays on the islands in the deeper part of the lake, and llamas wandering free make this a visually unique place, where the reflections on the indigo waters will enchant you for hours at a time.

You’ll find nowhere else on earth quite like it.

Final score – Two all

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