It's A Wild World: Wildlife Holiday Calendar

No matter what month of the year you’re planning to get away, there’s something wild happening in the world, from the birth of young through to the great migration. Here we highlight some of the best moments all year round...


Gorillas in Masai Mara

Mountain Gorilla


Why Now?

Spending an hour in the company of a family of Mountain gorillas is an experience that you will remember for life! Owing to the nature of the terrain, gorilla tracking doesn't usually follow a path and instead our guides will cut a route through the undergrowth. January is dry season in Uganda, making the trek slightly easier!

What Else? Lion, leopard, cheetah, Africa elephant, hippo, Black and White rhino, Cape buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, baboon, Rock hyrax, vulture, ostrich, flamingo, wart hogs...and the list goes on!

Taking you there: Gorillas & Masai Mara

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Grey Whales in the Sea of Cortez

Grey Whales

Why Now?

At this time of year, Grey whales are in their birthing grounds, having migrated down to Baja California to mate and give birth in the shallow lagoons. Spend a full day observing these majestic creatures in Magdalena Bay. There is also the opportunity to take a dip in the crystal clear feeding areas of tranquil Whale sharks.

What Else?

Whale sharks and a whole host of marine mammals, birds and fish!

Taking you there:

Journey to the Sea of Cortez - Grey whale & Whale shark departure

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Bengal Tigers in India

Bengal Tiger
Why Now?

Seeing a tiger in the wild is intoxicating, and visiting three of the best parks in India increases your chance of spotting the elusive Bengal tiger. Come March, the temperature has increased, which means a drier landscape with less foliage. The water supply has also decreased, so there’s a good chance that you’ll spot a tiger in search of water.

What Else?
Leopard, Sloth bears, Samba and Spotted deer, Kingfishers, Rock pigeons, Nilgai.

Taking you there: Land of the Tiger

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Orang-utans in Borneo


Why now?
With monsoon season over, this is a great time to discover the Borneo jungle on the look out for orang-utans. On a boat safari on the Kinabatangan River you'll have the chance to spot large-nosed Proboscis monkeys, birds and more. We also visit orphans in the Sepilok Orang-utan Centre, learning about their care and eventual release into the wild.

What Else? Sumatran rhinoceros, clouded leopard and more!

Taking you there: Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

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Komodo Dragons – Enter the dragon

Komodo Dragons

Why now?
See Komodo dragons whilst the vegetation is lush in Komodo National Park. Komodo dragons are huge lizards with poisonous saliva, weighing up to 91kg. With expert local guides we follow trails where it is common to find them basking in the sun.  On our tour of Sumatra, Bali and Komodo, we'll also see orang-utans, deer, wild pigs, monkeys, buffalo and more.

What else? Orang-utans, deer, wild pigs, Manta rays, monkeys, buffalo and more.

Taking you there: Primates & Dragons of Indonesia

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Polar Bears in Spitsbergen

Polar Bears

Why now? During Spitsbergen’s short season there is 24-hour daylight and typically more ice on which to see, and photograph, roaming Polar bears. Your guides on this expedition around the Svalbard Archipelago are the award-winning photographer Paul Goldstein and zoologist Mark Carwardine. They’ll help you snap not just bears, but walruses, Arctic foxes and more too.

What else? Reindeer, seals, Humpback, Blue and Beluga whales, Kittiwakes, Little auks, Barnacle geese, Guillemots, Walrus and Artic foxes.

Taking you there: Spitsbergen Explorer - Paul Goldstein & Mark Carwardine Photographic Charter

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Brown Bears in Alaska

Brown Bear

Why now? 
It is a classic Alaskan experience to watch bears feeding on spawning salmon in a rushing river. We visit Anan and Pack Creek (two of the best bear viewing areas in the world) to observe Brown bears, eagles, seals, and ravens, all of whom are attracted to the largest pink salmon run in Southeastern Alaska. Set against a backdrop of dense forest, glaciers and thundering rivers,  this country will take your breath away.

What else? Bald eagles, elk, seals, beavers.

Taking you there: Southeast Alaska Island Roamer Charter

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Turtles in Costa Rica

Why now?

Tortuguero is a nesting site for the endangered Green turtle, which can be seen arriving onto the beach to lay their eggs. Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Giant Leatherback turtles also nest in this region, with hatchings emerging later in the year.

What else? Sloths, Humpback whales, monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, iguanas, butterflies, bats and a myriad of birdlife of birdlife including hummingbirds, toucans, quetzals, Frigate birds, flycatchers and hawks.

Taking you there: Costa Rica's Coastal Secrets

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The Great Migration!

The Great Migration

Why Now?

During the summer and autumn months, the Mara plains rumble as ruminant herds thunder north from the Serengeti to their northern stronghold of the Masai Mara. This normally begins sometime in July and the wildebeest can still be in Kenya well into October and November. To be among literally millions of wildebeest, zebra and other plain game is one of the greatest wildlife encounters anywhere. Their life is not easy, they have croc-infested rivers to cross and are pursued relentlessly by predators. All it takes is one brave animal to make the first step…

What else? Lions, cheetahs, leopards, African elephants, Cape buffalo, impala, Fish eagles, Thompson gazelle, ostrich, hippos, giraffe.

Taking you there: Classic Kenya 4WD Safari

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Lemurs in Madagascar

Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Why now?

The Lemur is the smallest of all primates, but undeniably one of the most delightful creatures. These can only be found in Madagascar. You will visit five different parks on this itinerary in the hope of seeing Lemurs and their young. Our adventure around this vibrant country takes you through cloud forests and along stunning coastline.

What else? Apart from 70 species of lemur, there are chameleons, frogs, iguanas, the fossa - plus  Giant coua, Crested ibis and Cuckoo roller birds.

Taking you there: Highlights of Madagascar

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Sea Lions in the Galapagos

Why now?

What a great month to visit the Galapagos islands to observe the gifted pinniped which is the Sea lion. As it’s pup season they will not be doing the usual snooze on the beach but more likely to be curiously floating around the waters whilst you snorkel.

Fun fact! There are actually seven species of Sea lion, can you name them all?

What else? iridescent fish, turtles, blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, giant tortoises, albatross.

Taking you there: Galapagos Adventure - Nemo II Itinerary B

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Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins, Antarctica

Why now?

The Antarctic has almost 24 hours of sunlight during December. It’s the high summer! These conditions are fantastic for spotting the Gentoo and Adelie penguin chicks hatching. But, you will still need to wrap up warm to see these Graceful, sociable and curious beings.

What else? Humpback, Minke, Fin and Southern Right whales, leopard seals, Fur seals and their pups.

Taking you there: Antarctic Explorer

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