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The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and the skies are getting clearer – springtime is approaching! Soon, the world will be bursting with the colours and scents of new life. Don’t waste this precious, fleeting gift by shutting yourself in; the only way to truly appreciate the joyous beauty of this time of year is to get out there and drink it in first-hand. Exodus offers the very finest spring walking holidays. From the crisp, cool air of Europe’s alpine vistas to the endless blue skies above the deserts and mountains of North Africa, this is walking at its most invigorating.

Walking in Provence

Put a Spring in your Step

The sunny Provence region of Southern France is renowned for its distinguished cuisine, wine, culture, history and beauty, but the meandering trails truly come to life in the warm Mediterranean spring. Populated by sublime rolling hills, vineyards and gorges, the walking here is a singular, tranquil pleasure. Provence’s famed, fragrant fields of deep purple lavender are a particular highlight.

Walking in Madeira

Put a Spring in your Step

There are few finer places for trekking in Europe than the archipelago of Madeira. The landscapes vary from rugged, rocky terrain and towering volcanoes to verdant forests and crystalline shores, spanned by levadas (special aqueducts unique to the islands). The diverse flora and fauna, including many rare and beautiful orchids, are at their most spectacular in the spring months, culminating in the enchanting Madeira Flower Festival in May.

Walking in Tuscany

Put a Spring in your Step

The Garfagana region of Tuscany, separated from the rest of Italy by two great mountain ranges, is an isolated pocket of serenity and nature. The warm sunlight of springtime brings with it a blanket of bright, elegant wildflowers, working in harmony with the fledgling crops to create a truly majestic landscape.

Walking the Amalfi Coast

Put a Spring in your Step

As you amble along the paths that wind along the Amalfi Coast like ribbons, you’ll be struck by the overwhelming, surreal gorgeousness of your surroundings. Coastal cliffs and mountains give way to flourishing meadows and sapphire waters. Springtime heralds an eruption of colour and life in this awe-inspiring region of Italy.

Atlas Panorama

Put a Spring in your Step

Beneath infinite African skies, the Atlas Mountains stretch from horizon to horizon. Ancient, remote villages abound, basking beneath the Moroccan sun, and the trails are buzzing with life. The climate in spring is perfect; pleasantly warm, but far more comfortable than the occasionally overbearing heat of summer. As winter fades, melt water from the summits flows into the valleys below, imbuing them with energy and transforming the landscape into a fertile green paradise.