A Really Wild Year: Family Safaris for Every Season

Make tracks around the world in 2017, taking your family to enjoy an audience with the most beautiful, endangered and generally amazing animals on one of our awesome wildlife adventures!

Autumn: Tiger

Game drives into the protected reserve of Ranthambore National Park offer the best chance to see the sadly endangered Bengal tiger. Initiatives like Project Tiger - supported by Exodus - gives them a fighting chance. India Tiger Safari


Winter: Husky

If ever a creature was engineered for the Arctic winter, it's the mighty husky. We'll head off on a safari in the cast Riisitunturi National Park. These energetic dogs are built to beat a path through the snow. Finnish Winter Adventure


Spring: Orangutan

Home to the last wild Orangutans of Northern Borneo, the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve is a 45 square mile sanctuary where they can live in safety. There's a nursery too, caring for orphaned youngsters. Borneo Wildlife Adventure


Summer: Elephant

At the heart of the action in the world famous Etosha National Park are the waterholes. We'll camp close enough to see the park's resident elephants taking a dip, cooling themselves by spraying water over their backs. Namibian Adventurer

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