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If you’re a born traveller, you’ll understand the appeal of parkrun tourism. What’s a parkrun tourist? It’s any parkrunner who travels beyond their nearest parkrun to enjoy the variety and new experiences that travel brings.

Explore the world with parkrun

But why not extend your tourism above and beyond your local area and use it as a chance to explore the world?

It’s not as extreme as you think. Whilst you may never reach the dedication of the legendary parkrunners who fly from Australia to America to do two global parkruns in one day (known as the Time Travellers), there are so many benefits to combining your parkrun with an adventure holiday. Here are just a few of the reasons to combine a parkrun with an adventure holiday…

San Fransisco parkrunSan Fransisco parkrun

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1. Experience new places

With parkrun tourism and travel in general, the one overarching theme that unites the two is the simple love of variety and exploration.

If you relish the chance to visit somewhere simply because you’ve never been before, or like collecting new memories and moments, then this is the approach to parkrun for you. You’ll stay motivated and excited for each run, never allowing your exercise to slip into the realms of a regime or a chore.

2. Get involved with a local community – experience it like local

There’s an ever-increasing trend for travelling like a local. And if it’s an interaction with the community that you’re looking for, or just something quirky to balance against the iconic tick-box sights, then a parkrun in a new city is a completely natural feeling way to seek out ways to have a friendly chat with the residents.

parkrunners in Zelenogradparkrunners in Zelenograd

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3. See an unusual side of a famous city

It’s the perfect chance to see a different side of an iconic city. Often just a short distance from the tourist hotspots, parkrunning on holiday is the perfect opportunity to do just that; just a little way off the beaten track, there’s the chance to experience a city as though you lived here.

4. Never miss a parkrunday!

If you’re building up to your parkrun milestone, or just someone who likes to stay active and healthy whilst on holiday, there’s no excuse to miss a parkrunday when everyone all over the world is so welcoming to new faces.

5. Keep exercise interesting

Mix it up! A new route might mean a new PB, and if nothing else it will definitely give you a new avoiding the repetition of staring at a gym wall when you exercise. Get out and experience a new environment!

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Queenstown parkrunQueenstown parkrun

6. Try local breakfasts

The post-parkrun coffee is a staple across the countries. But if you’re travelling why not go a step further and get a flavour of the local cuisine? Quiet the post-run cravings with a regional dish like French pastries, Nordic black bread with smoked salmon or a South African boerewors sausage cooked breakfast!

7. See the countries you’re visiting

Why just travel for the parkrun? Even the most dedicated parkrun tourist should take some time out to discover the country whilst they’re there, and with Exodus you can do exactly that.

In fact, we’ve even written our own global parkrun alphabet challenge of fantastic parkruns you can combine with an Exodus adventure tour to discover the destination properly. Go beyond a city break or weekend with an in-depth exploration of a country.

8. Why not?!

Finally – why wouldn’t you? The nature of parkrun means you’re always welcome to join any parkrun all over the world, and the opportunity to combine it with an adventure is simply too good to miss.

Melkbosstrand parkrunMelkbosstrand parkrun

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