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Much like the London Marathon is in the UK, long-distance cross-country ski races are momentous cultural events. The excitement of the true contenders battling it out in a gargantuan test of endurance is undeniable! But it’s never just about that – it’s about a much wider, more inclusive sort of competition. These races cater for a wide range of levels and abilities, as well as offering a sense of fun and an electric atmosphere unlike anything else.

Interested? We’ve got you covered.

That’s right, it’s time to get in training, because you can take part in one of these massive contests. As the UK’s leading cross-country ski operator, there’s no-one better qualified to get you there and get you ready to race than Exodus.

Transjurassienne Ski Race

We have several races you can enter this year, including the world-famous Transjurassienne Skate Race and the Engadin Ski Marathon. Plus, brand new for 2016 we’re incredibly excited to introduce the Finlandia Hiito Ski Race, Finland's iconic, undulating Worldloppet course. Each provides a unique and rewarding challenge, as well as a chance to experience the culture and scenery of the setting, whether it’s France, Finland or Switzerland!

Finlandia Hiito Ski Race

All of our races are part of the Worldloppet calendar. Worldloppet is a series of twenty ski races over four continents - each country is allowed to enter one race, with a distinctive theme - which many racers seek to complete in its entirity. Once you enter a race, you can grab yourself a ‘Worldloppet Pass book’, allowing you to log your time and even get a seeded start in future races!

Engadin Ski Marathon

Of course, we have superb leaders to prepare you for and guide you through the races. The two principal leaders are something like Exodus heroes: Eric Woolley and Andy McKee.

Eric is a qualified Snowsports England coach with over 25 years’ experience, and a particular expertise in skate. In 2016 Eric will be leading the Engadin Ski Marathon and Transjurassienne Skate Race trips.


Andy has lead all over the world, from Africa to Italy, and is a qualified fitness instructor. He’s competed in the Marcialonga, the Transjurassienne Classic Race, and most recently the Finlandia Hiito, which he will be leading in 2016.

Andy Mckee

If you want to join one of the races, simply follow the links below.

Enter the Transjurassienne Skate Race.

Enter the Engadin Ski Marathon.

Enter the Finlandia Hiito Ski Race.

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