Every year, we bring you new adventures. This pioneering spirit is an integral part of who we are and what we do; of course, 2016 will be no exception. They’re not quite ready yet… but here’s a little preview of the exciting new cycling holidays we’re crafting  at this very moment, just to whet your appetite.

Cycle Macedonia & Northern AlbaniaSneak Peek at 2016…The borderlands of Northern Albania and Western Macedonia are a vista of sweeping gorges, crystal blue waters and plateaux rising high above lush greenery. Ancient villages, centuries old, lie along our carefully chosen route, which offers cycling that equally challenges and rewards. See the trip

Cycling the Lake District of Chile & ArgentinaSneak Peek at 2016…Discover a beautiful and fertile land at the northern gateway to Patagonia – a magical landscape filled with active volcanoes, turquoise rivers, gigantic lakes and ancient native forests – and cycle on some of the most scenic paved routes that South America has to offer. A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey. See the trip

Cycling in Bosnia & MontenegroSneak Peek at 2016…A ride through three very different countries from the former Yugoslavia: starting in Bosnia, passing over the Dinaric Alps into Montenegro, and finally to Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Coast. Uncrowded roads, glorious views, a few challenges and cultural highlights make this an adventure to remember.

Cycle MadagascarSneak Peek at 2016…Glide along peaceful roads on Earth’s most biodiverse island, through a landscape of dramatic highland plains, unique rock formations and natural pools. We cycle from rainforest waterfalls to white-sand beaches, idyllic coral reefs to villages with rich melting-pots of culture and ethnicity.

Cycle RomaniaSneak Peek at 2016…Discover the beauty and mystery of this castle-studded land on two wheels, from fabled Transylvania to the majestic Carpathian Mountains. Pass ancient villages, Saxon churches and shepherd’s pastures, before riding to the capital of Bucharest. See all of our cycling holidays. Watch this space for more new cycling trips, coming soon.