Waves lapping the bow, the wind in your hair and views you would otherwise miss out on – there is nothing quite like getting out on the water to give you a different perspective. Over 70% of our planet is made up of H2O, from burbling mountain streams to mighty meandering rivers, iceberg-laden oceans to tropical turquoise seas, idle lakes to cascading falls. Life on Earth depends on these vital waterways and they harbour a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Discover islands teeming with extraordinary wildlife in the Galapagos, drift by ancient wonders along the Nile in Egypt; whatever part of the globe you want to test the waters in, there’s an Exodus adventure to take you there.

The Americas

The Galapagos Islands

Test the watersSea Turtle, Galapagos


A wildlife spectacular! Follow in Darwin’s wake as you cruise around these prolific islands spotting Blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, albatross and sea lions, to name just a few species that thrive in this unique habitat. When to go: June – November



Whales & Leopards of Sri Lanka

Test the watersBlue Whale


There can be no better wildlife encounter at sea than witnessing a Blue whale surfacing from the depths and fluking its tail before diving to forage for krill. Couple a majestic sighting like this with one of a leopard in Yala National Park and you have a wildlife holiday many people will only dream of. When to go: November – April

Imperial China & Yangtza River Cruise

Test the watersYangtze River Cruise


Enjoy two days of cruising along one of the world’s most iconic waterways, the mighty Yangtze, on this comprehensive China tour.  While on the water, you’ll pass through the dramatic limestone karst scenery of the Three Gorges en route to Yichang where your adventure continues by sleeper train. Other highlights include Beijing’s Forbidden City and Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors. When to go: March – November



Nile Cruise – Premium

Test the watersTraditional Felucca on the Nile


This idyllic cruise, one of our Premium Adventures, takes you through the Land of Pharaohs in style. Set sail from Luxor, home the famous Valley of the Kings, and journey upstream towards Aswan. As well as the cruise, you will also take to the waters of the Nile in a traditional felucca boat. When to go: Year round departures


The Zambezi Valley

Test the watersThe Zambezi at sun set


  Witnessing life along the banks of the mighty Zambezi on a canoe safari is a unique experience. Paddle past basking crocs and snorting hippos, commonplace in these waters, and camp out on secluded beaches with a soundtrack of exotic birdsong playing in the background. When to go: May – October




Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Azores

Test the watersThe dolphin population near the Azores is impressive


The Azores archipelago, made up of nine volcanic islands, harbours a wealth of marine and birdlife. Sperm whales and Bottlenose dolphins frequent the waters around the islands, which also happen to be in the migratory pathway of the Blue whale. Their momentous tails flukes are regularly sighted during April and May. After staying in Horta, a famous port of call for mid-Atlantic stopovers, return to Sao Miguel for a volcanic 4WD adventure and another day at sea. When to go: April – September

  • Whales & Dolphins Watching in the Azores


Kayaking the Turquoise Coast of Turkey

Test the watersKayaks in Turkey


Take to the crystal-clear seas off the southern coast of Turkey. This is the perfect way to navigate the secluded coves and white sand beaches of the coast. Discover the enchanting Blue Cave, paddle over the ancient ruins of sunken cities and swim in the clear, warm waters. When to go: June – October 


The Arctic

Spitsbergen Explorer

Test the watersPolar bear swimming in Spitsbergen’s icy Arctic waters


Splash out on the ultimate Polar bear pilgrimage and you will not be disappointed. Voyage deep into Arctic Norway to explore the paradise of ice and tundra that is the Svalbaard Archipelago.  Though the bears will undoubtedly steal the show, other star performers will include the endearingly wily Arctic fox and aquatic heavyweight, the walrus. When to go: June – October



Antarctic Explorer

Test the watersAntarctica


Many holidays try to claim the title, but an Antarctic voyage really is a ‘trip of a lifetime’. A pristine polar wilderness, the White Continent is home to an astonishing array of wildlife, from Humpback whales to Chinstrap penguins, Blue-eyed cormorants and Weddell seals. On our small expedition ship, you will get closer than any cruise liner can, and with only a hundred or so passengers on board, you will always have to opportunity to get out on the zodiacs (weather permitting of course!). When to go: November – March