Transjurassienne ski race, France

Top 5 Winter Games

Celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics by taking part in a challenge of your own. You don't have to be an Olympian to enjoy these winter games - just be inspired by them.

From the gentler pursuits of igloo building to the thrilling rush of bobsledding, there's a whole host of excitement for those who brave the chill for a winter adventure. Full instruction from expert leaders is always on hand, so you don't need to have tried any of these activities before - making this the perfect chance to branch out and try something new. 

You don't have to travel all the way to host country South Korea either - all these are on our doorstep, just a few hours away. Try something different in Europe’s winter wonderland…

1. Bobsledding


For a weekend adventure quite unlike any other, feel the G-force when hurtling down the ice in a bobsled in the Olympic city of Lillehammer. Not only is this an Olympic sport, but you'll be able to experience it on the Olympic track from the 1994 Olympics. 

Lillehammer Olympic Bobsled Weekend

2. Snowmobiling


Explore the frosted forests and frozen lakes that surround the peaceful hamlet of Lappeasuando by snowmobile. It’s an optional activity, but one that shouldn’t be missed.

Arctic Sweden & the Icehotel

3. Dogsledding

With blue skies above and the feeling of crisp winter air on your face, glide across snow-covered landscapes pulled by huskies on a dogsled.

Tatra Winter Activity Week

4. Ice Climbing

Experience the thrill of ice climbing – or igloo-building, depending on your adrenaline levels – in the heart of snowbound Oulanka National Park.

Finnish Wilderness Week

5. Ski Racing 

The start line is electrifying, a jostling mass of excited competitors buzzing with anticipation – then it begins, and suddenly all fades to almost silence as you glide through the majestic Icelandic fjords.

Fossavatn Ski Race

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