Carpathians sunset, Transylvania, Romania

Top Five Unusual Winter Destinations

Glistening white-capped peaks, hushed forests beneath steely-blue skies, the rhythmic crunch of fresh snow underfoot – there’s nothing quite like Europe in winter. When it comes to winter holidays, first thoughts always turn to the Alps, but beautiful as the Alps are, you certainly won't have them to yourself... the truth is that Europe has so much more to offer. So join us on a rundown of our top five unusual winter destinations!  

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia is an unusual travel destination, full stop! But the world is missing out on one of Europe's most brilliant winter destinations, a vast and wonderful snowy wilderness ripe for exploring. Prepare to immerse yourself in a rich culture and marvel at sheer mountains, quiet forests and snow-covered fields.

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Wild, untamed and ruggedly handsome, the Albanian Alps cut a striking figure against the sky. Between wild meadows and dense forests you’ll find charming rural hamlets and farms dating back centuries. Prepare to explore the path less travelled – for years, Albania was closed to tourists, and to this day it remains almost untouched by that influence.

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The home of fiction’s greatest vampire is a region of immense natural beauty. Rolling hills give way to dramatic crags, primeval forests hum with life, and gothic castles pierce the sky. History and mythology permeate the Carpathian Mountains – everything from traditional Christmas markets to the Bran Castle, resplendent upon its wooded hill.

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Yagodina Winter Panorama_5

From soaring summits of the Rodopi Mountains to the cool depths of steep gorges, from eerie underground caves to grey wolves which prowl between ancient trees, Bulgaria’s beauty is only enhanced by the snows of winter. Hearty meals and roaring fires fortify you against the cold and prepare you for each day’s walking in this isolated Eastern wilderness.

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