Chris Borland

Before joining Exodus, Chris came out of back-packer retirement and spent two years tour leading in South America (trekking the Inca Trail 12 times!) and briefly in Morocco. He has also travelled extensively throughout North, South and Central America, northern India, Egypt and South Africa. He is now looking forward to seeing the world through the eyes of an Exodus traveller!

Making tracks in Kvitavatn

Cross-country skiing in Kvitavatn is an idyllic winter holiday. Located in Telemark, a three-hour drive west of Oslo and south of the Hardangervidda plateau, this picture-postcard resort sits beside a frozen lake at the foot of Gaustatoppen (1,882m), the highest mountain in southern Norway.

Founded in the 1970s by Rod Tuck, a former marine that went on to represent Britain in the 1976 Olympics, Kvitavatn has developed gradually over the years and is still used by the British and Dutch armies for ski training.

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