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Introducing Madalena Patacho - Expert Leader

Madalena grew up surrounded by Portugal’s maritime history in Belém, where she dreamed about exploring the oceans. Her love for the sea led her to study marine biology and receive a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management, specialising in Ecotourism. After graduating, Madalena moved to Príncipe Island, off the west coast of Africa, and worked with local communities on the implementation of a responsible tourism project.

Madalena’s biggest passion is travelling the world and connecting with different cultures, exploring the wilderness, and embracing local experiences. Since graduating, she has traveled to Central & South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Arctic. When she is not on an expedition, she is a naturalist at the aquarium, Oceanário de Lisboa, raising awareness on ocean conservation and biodiversity.

Expert knowledge in:

  • Marine biology
  • Ocean conservation
  • Eco- and responsible tourism
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Madalena Patacho
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