Georgina Lawrence

Gina has wild camped alongside hippos on the banks of the Zambezi, sipped homemade schnapps in Romanian barns, swum in the Norwegian fjords and lost a snowball fight at the base of the Torres del Paine. You'll find her with her walking boots on, heading for the mountains.

Roaming Catholics: Walking The Francigena Way

Francigena Way

Via Francigena is a journey of 150km and more than a thousand years of history. It’s a pilgrimage trek in the footprints of untold numbers of medieval pilgrims, across the fields and ancient towns towards the finale in the Eternal City of Rome, to bask in the shadow of the pomp and splendour of St Peter's Basicilla, Vatican City.

5 Great Hikes in Italy You May Not Know

Dolomites, Italy

Who could fail to be charmed by Italy, the renaissance nation that seems to be able to please all travellers? Regardless of what we’re looking for - whether it’s world-famous art, sumptuous local cuisine or show-stopping outdoor playgrounds - Italy seems to have something to please everyone.

But it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. With so many exciting adventures on offer, Italy still keeps some secrets. Here are some of the undeservedly overlook hidden gems of Italian hiking...

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