Megan Devenish

With a naturally inquisitive mind and a love of the great outdoors (ideally enjoyed on two wheels) the adventure travel industry seemed a natural fit for Megan. Having lived on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef, wild camped on a beach in Indonesia , slept in a hammock in the Cambodia jungle and assisted with leading a group of 35 people up Kilimanjaro, she decided it was probably time to ‘settle down’ a little and now spends her time managing all of the Southeast Asia trips at Exodus and unearthing exciting new destinations.

Cycling in Southeast Asia Uncovered

Like a full on sensory overload, Southeast Asia offers more sights, sounds and saddle-friendly experiences than any other region on earth. Prepare to meet your new favourite destination. Your guide, Exodus southeast Asia expert Megan Devenish

Megan Megan


10 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Cycling Trip

If you're craving the freedom of the open road and a chance to meet the locals, look no further than holidaying on two wheels. It's more popular than ever before, from two-wheeled commuters and occasional Sunday cyclists to a surge of enthusiasm for organised rides, cyclosportives and lycra-clad challenges. But if you've never done it before, a cycling holiday can seem a bit daunting - and we find most people have the same worries. Will I be fit enough? What do I need to bring? Will I be able to keep up? Don't be put off.

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