Travel Expert - Olly Pemberton

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Introducing Olly Pemberton

Sea-kayaking in the Irish sea, snorkelling with 12-metre Basking sharks and exploring purple mountains and lush glens; this was growing up on the Isle of Man.

But it wasn’t long before Olly yearned for adventure beyond the craggy borders of his 32 by 14 mile playground. It’s probably the Viking blood but it’s with the cold where he feels most at home, be it driving dogsleds in Arctic Scandinavia or ski touring.  

Over the years, he's been fortunate to reach some far-flung destinations, especially in 2008, when with two mates and a 1991 1-litre Fiat Panda named Amy, he set off from Douglas to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. 19 countries, 6 break downs and numerous hairy moments later the passion for adventure was burning brighter than ever!

Top 7 Winter Photography Tips

Photography in Winter

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Capturing a white, wintry landscape on camera can be a challenge. Here, Exodus’ Olly Pemberton shares his tips on taking the perfect picture…

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Carried Away: Peru Porter Project

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What happens when one Irishman takes on the Inca Trail – as a porter?!

In 2016, Jarlath McHale took on Peru’s most famous trek, the Inca Trail. In 2017, he went back to complete the same four-day route – but this time as one of the porters who so inspired him first time around.

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