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Travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family, creating special moments that will sparkle for a lifetime. With Exodus, a knowledgeable local guide will help to uncover the stories beneath the sights, inspiring a new generation of traveller to come.

Family Adventure Holidays

Northern Lights in Finland

Northern Lights in FinlandNorthern Lights in Finland

The moment anyone, young or old, first sees the magical Northern Lights is strange and wonderful. The lights are formed from fast-moving, electrically charged solar particles driven towards the Poles by the earth’s magnetic field; when they collide with atmospheric gases they create colourful curtains of light that dance in the night sky.

You’re by no means guaranteed to see them, but there’s lots to keep young minds engaged at Finland’s remote Basecamp Oulanka, from dogsledding to igloo building.

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Dogsledding in Poland

Dogsledding adventureDogsledding adventure

With blue skies above and the feeling of crisp winter air on your face, gliding across snow-covered landscapes on a sled pulled by huskies is a moment children will cherish forever.

Our Tatra Winter Adventure Week is a popular favourite among families, with a host of winter activities on tap. You may even ignite new passions and hobbies in your children.

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Big cat safari

Indian tigerIndian tiger

The magical moment when a fiery flash of orange stalks past in the undergrowth of Ranthambore National Park will stay in all your memories for a lifetime.

Although endangered, the numbers of Bengal tigers in the wild are slowly going up. Learn about conservation efforts on this trip, sample delicious food, visit the fascinating Taj Mahal and Amber Fort, ride a camel in Pushkar, and enjoy the whirl of colour in the Pink City of Jaipur.

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Jungle Adventures

 Jungle chimpOrangutan in the Borneo jungle

If your little monkeys love wildlife, they’ll love a jungle adventure in Borneo. There’s the opportunity to see Pygmy elephants, Sun bears and orangutans as well as a host of other wildlife.

But for many, the highlight is a canopy walk 40m above the rainforest floor. It follows a multitude of trails along suspension bridges, with stunning views over pristine forest surrounded by butterflies, proboscis monkeys and flying squirrels.

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Climbing Dunes

 Namibian sand dunesNamibian sand dunes

In Namibia not only do you have the chance to see some of Africa’s wonderful wildlife, but you’ll also quad bike across the desert and climb the highest dunes in the world.

We set off before dawn to capture the moment the sun appears in the sky and light floods over the dunes turning them from red to gold. It’s a memory to treasure. The kids will also love running and sliding down the side, to arrive at the bottom to a delicious breakfast.

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Canada’s Wild West Adventures

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains

Make like real-life cowboys, horse riding through true Wild West scenery of the Canadian Rockies as well as hiking, wild swimming, canoeing and white water rafting, bedding down for the night under the stars.

Children will be thrilled by close encounters of the really wild kind – perhaps a bear walking through the campsite, or a raccoon raid on the snack table.

During the summer months, our guides take people glacier walking across Columbia Icefield; it’s a world few people ever see, and a moment to be treasured.

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