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A Walk on the Wild Side: African Adventures for Your Family

Africa offers some of the best wildlife watching opportunities on the planet. The chance to witness the world’s most graceful and enigmatic creatures on their terms, on their home turf? It doesn’t get better than this…


Spectacular landscapes, stunning beaches

“This was my chance to introduce my partner’s son Ed to adventure travel,” says Exodus’ Gina Eckersley with a grin. But what would Ed think? “This was the most exciting holiday ever!” he says. “We saw a rhino as well as loads of other animals, and Kilimanjaro was awesome.”

Exodus' Iconic Journeys

Journeys are an integral part of the human experience. Our journeys may define us – but is up to us to choose the route we take. Your journey may be historic, unearthing the legacy of ancient warriors, traders and conquerors. You could find yourself taking on a life-changing pilgrimage following in the well-trodden footsteps of many before you. It may even take you half way to the other side of the world.

Thinking about what’s important…

Exodus' new Product Manager for Morocco, Simon Clifford, hadn't been to Morocco for five years. When he returned, his visit was totally different. The question is, what had really changed ...?

Coming from a career in luxury travel, I was certainly wondering what to expect from my journey into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  I’d visited this beautiful African Kingdom once before, staying in a boutique riad in Marrakech and Richard Branson’s famous Kasbah Tamadot. This time I’d be staying in a basic gite high in the mountains - how were they going to compare?

Tanzania: Did you know?

You’ve probably heard of Tanzania’s popular safari destination - the Serengeti - but did you know what its name means? Ever wondered which famous singer was born on Zanzibar or how the name Tanzania came into use? Make sure you’re in the know before you go with our quite interesting facts about this East African gem…

Top 5 Things to do in Tanzania

There is no shortage of life-changing experiences to be found in Tanzania, from unforgettable wildlife encounters to sublime sunrise vistas. At Exodus, we have a wealth of experience and expertise, earned through years of operating in this awe-inspiring country. We’ve done it all; summited Kilimanjaro, camped on the Ngorongoro caldera and seen mighty elephants and lions wander within in their natural habitat. We’re here to help you see and feel the very best Tanzania has to offer. With that in mind, here are our top five unmissable things to do in Tanzania.

Mountain gloat

  I arrived home and flopped down to some mind-numbing soap opera when I suddenly realised what I’d agreed to. “I’m going to climb the tallest mountain in Africa!” I told my kind and supportive flatmates, who all burst into laughter. The next day was the first of many spent in preparation for Kilimanjaro. It became immediately and somewhat painfully apparent that I would need to work hard on my fitness. One night I decided to take the stairs at the train station instead of the escalator, just to see how it went – badly, as it turned out.

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