South Korea

Beyond the metropolis of Seoul, South Korea’s tranquillity and traditions still hold sway

Adventure Holidays in South Korea

Please note, currently, we are not offering any holidays to South Korea.

South Korea, the 'Land of the Morning Calm', has long been overshadowed. A dynamic country steeped in culture, tradition and history, it has vibrant cities, rich landscapes, friendly locals and staggering, jaw-dropping nature. Add to that some of the most underrated cuisine in the world – the smells of sizzling barbecue and the clinking sounds of locals drinking rice wine at Gwangjang Market are a feast for the senses – and you'll find South Korea holidays are unforgettable experiences.

With Exodus, you’ll go further and get closer than ever before: spend a night partaking in ceremonies at the UNESCO World Heritage Haeinsa Temple and even visit the village of Panmunjom to learn how Korea was divided. Plus, our South Korea trips can take you to see the cherry blossom spring season, according to availability.

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Must-see Korea:

1. Panmunjom: The only place on the Korean Peninsula where North and South Koreans can meet face-to-face. It was here that the armistice was signed in 1953 and where both parties agreed on a Joint Security Area (JSA) in the middle of the border between the two countries, also known as the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone).

2. Seoraksan National Park: Situated on the beautiful east coast, the mountains here are a sight to behold. At their feet is an enormous Buddha statue which makes a perfect starting point for setting off on a variety of trails, from 2km to 10km.

3. Andong Hahoe Folk Village: Here century-old traditions, influenced by the teachings of Confucius, are still alive. The inhabitants live in the same way their ancestors did, in simple houses for the common farmers and in richly decorated houses for the Yangban aristocrats.

4. Tumuli Park and Cheomseongdae: Tumuli Park contains royal tombs dating back to the Silla Dynasty. The numerous artefacts inside highlight the exceptional technological and cultural advancements during that period.

5. Jeju Island: From the Spirited Garden with roughly 100 rare tree species and a spectacular display of 300-year-old bonzai trees, to the impressive Jusangjeolli lava coast, where ancient volcanic activity is evident, there is much to see here.

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