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Discover the floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca with Exodus. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world (sitting at approximately 3,800m above sea level) and is home to traditional indigenous groups. Our range of trips which visit Lake Titicaca include excursions to the floating islands of Uros and Titinos as well as the island of Taquile in the deep part of the lake. Some include an overnight homestay on Amantani Island which offers us fascinating insights into the traditional way of life on the lake.

Lake Titicaca spans the border between Peru and Bolivia and Exodus also offers a multi-country holiday visiting both of these South American destinations, which spends a night in an eco-lodge on the Isla del Sol on the Bolivian side of the lake.


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Activity Holiday Highlights: Top Lake Titicaca Experiences

Hop the floating island
As you sail into the lake you’ll see corn gold yellow dots on the turquoise blue horizon. Remarkably, these are handmade islands of reeds on which people actually live.

The Isla Flotantes re made of layers upon layers of constantly replenished reeds and islanders have lived upon them in reed houses, fishing from reed boats, for hundreds of years. While on the islands be sure to take a ride on a raft, nibble on some of the edible reeds and give respect to the Uros people, still going strong after centuries of tough living.

Meet the Uros people

It must take a tenacious temperament to escape the violence of the Incas, avoid bloody colonisation by the Spaniards and side-step modernisation by hand crafting your own island out in the deep lake waters, surviving on fish and potatoes at sub zero temperatures for centuries. This is the temperament of the Uros people. Although they have been slightly overrun by tourism, many persist with their traditional way of life, still living and dying without leaving their golden yellow island and without wanting to. Respect their achievement by bringing fruits and vegetables as gifts and give your money to responsible tour groups like Exodus who’ll share the profits with the local people.

Dance the night away on Amantani
Of the real – stationary - islands on the Lake, Amantani is one of the less visited but most hospitable. On adventure holidays to Lake Titcaca you’ll stay here in the homes of islanders, eat island food, sleep on beds woven from reeds and, if you dare, join in energetic traditional dancing. True adventure travel encounters await.

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