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Turtle, Ecuador


Your Words – We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It’s the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you’re interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

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Above expectations!

Wonderful tour of Northern Thailand. Lots of variety from the history and culture of the Kings and the Buddhas to swimming in the Erewan Falls, paying respects to the POWs at the River Kwai, spending money in the night markets and sampling the wonderful food.

Most Inspirational Moment

Not sure I could pick out one....I did love Sukhothai, a very graceful town with relics of an ancient kingdom and a night market set at the riverside. And a wonderful hotel. Visiting the Elephant Nature Park was also wonderful but perhaps the best thing was the group. There was 15 of us and we all got on so well - no cliques. Every day was fantastic fun.

Thoughts on Group Leader

I can't recommend Nai highly enough. He was fun, very organised, meticulous in preparation. Could always recommend excellent restaurants. He was a major reason for the success of the tour. Very knowledgeable about all that he showed us and enthusiastic about his country's history. Also had a ready supply of rice cakes and sweets he shared with us on on bus journeys!

Advice for Potential Travellers

Be open minded, be flexible and enjoy getting to know your fellow travellers. Be prepared for the heat and drink water, water and then more water. A proper thermos flask with a double wall is a must for keeping water cold. A hat is essential. Mosquitoes not a problem.

Every day packed with joy

I absolutely loved this trip. We had a fabulous tour leader and a lovely group of 15 like-minded travellers broadly aged from 20’s to 70’s which really added to our experience. So many great memories packed into every day – from the overnight train to Chiang Mai, to swimming in waterfalls – all the time feeling safe and looked after. A wonderful holiday.

Most Inspirational Moment

Wandering round ancient Sukhothai at dusk trying to capture the best sunset photo.

Thoughts on Group Leader

Nai was attentive, well-organised, generous and fun, ensuring we maximised our experience (eg giving us all gold leaf, flowers and candles at Doi Suthep temple and sharing his favourite snacks on the coach). He was always at our side to guide us through every experience and chose some delicious (and cheap!) restaurants and food stalls where he took command of arranging multiple bills. He was brilliant!

Advice for Potential Travellers

You do have to live out your suitcase quite a bit so pack lightly and use hotel laundry when you have a two-night stay. Take a thermal water bottle to keep water cool in sweltering heat.

Exodus broke a duty of care

First of all, I would like to point out that we are great fans of Exodus and have enjoyed many trips with Exodus in the past:
Turkey, Leysian activity week, 2012
Morocco, Marrakesh mountains and coast, 2014
Italy, Puglia cycle the heel of Italy, 2015
Finland, Finish wilderness week, 2022
This year’s trip to Thailand was an unforgettable mistake … more of an ordeal and less of a holiday. Why was this? Too much time spent on a bus. Your response to this is probably that the trip notes warned us of the times to be spent on the bus, but I would argue that the times given were purely the Google drive times without allowances for short stops and heavy traffic. To put it plainly, if we had known how long we were going to spend on that bus, we would not of booked this tour. The bus travel times that you gave were misleading.
By now, you will be well aware of the bus driver’s mistake when he took us down a busy dual carriageway on the wrong side of the road. We were incredibly lucky to avoid a fatal accident. I believe that an accident enquiry would have led to “lessons to be learnt”. One of the lessons would have been that the driver was required to drive more hours than could be reasonably expected of anyone. You possibly weren’t breaking any local laws, but that’s not the point. The point is that our driver was being pushed to such an extent that he began making errors, thereby putting our lives at risk. In summary, the trust we placed in Exodus has been broken.

Most Inspirational Moment

Walking along Hellfire Pass whilst listening to a superbly produced electronic guide. Less than an hour to do this felt crazy.

Thoughts on Group Leader

Nai our group guide and leader was beyond amazing … an inspiration both as a human and as a client oriented organiser. He was ably supported by Kelly, an equally strong and caring individual.

Advice for Potential Travellers

It is currently not a safe trip due to the unreasonable demands placed on the tour’s bus driver.

Review Centre
Reply from Exodus

We would like to thank you for your review, Mr Fielding, although we were regretful to learn that your latest Exodus adventure did not live up to your expectations. Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us, so we were particularly concerned to hear about an incident involving your driver and that you felt this was caused by the excessive distances you covered. We understand that he turned onto the wrong side of a dual carriageway, incorrectly believing it was one main highway with all lanes following the same direction, which must have been extremely worrying. We understand that concerns were raised by members of your group and that your tour leader reiterated our expectations regarding road safety with your driver. To provide some context as to how this driver was assigned to your group, we are advised that in Thailand our local operators source vehicles and drivers from third party suppliers, and we usually find on our trips to this part of the world that they are diligent, safe, and highly experienced. However, yours was of course the first departure of this new tour, which meant we needed to source a new supplier who could provide the service in this part of Thailand. We sourced the services of a company our local operator had worked with on non-Exodus tours for many years and always delivered an excellent service. We can also confirm that all the relevant documentation checks were done and that your driver had many years of experience behind the wheel. Whilst he did not complete disproportionate amounts of driving for this type of tour, the incident that occurred on your trip does not fill us with any confidence in this driver’s ability to safely transport our groups, and we have, therefore, replaced our supplier ahead of all future tours; we will closely monitor the feedback we receive to ensure that the next supplier meets our expectations. We realise this does not do anything to change the experience you had, but we do hope it shows that we have listened to your concerns and followed up appropriately in keeping with our commitment to customer safety. In terms of the driving times referenced in our literature, these are of course a guide and do not factor in traffic and rest breaks, as these are unpredictable and vary on every departure; nevertheless, we recognise that our trip notes could be clearer and we have updated them to include more realistic driving times, based on your group’s experience. We hope you feel heard, and that despite your clear disappointment you will give us a chance to restore your faith in Exodus on a future trip.