Tandem Cycling

Tandem Cycling

Bringing You Closer Together

We’re always looking for unique and exciting ways to help you discover our world which is why we’re so excited to introduce tandem bicycles on some of our favorite cycling routes; the perfect way to share your passion for cycling with your nearest and dearest.

Whether you’re after a romantic cycling route for two or you’re traveling with less experienced family members but don’t want to be separated by a stretch of pavement, tandem bikes bring you closer together while exploring Europe’s hidden gems.

The more experienced cyclist takes control at the front, taking care of the steering and managing the gear changes, while the rider on the back simply has to worry about pedaling. As with all our self-guided tours, you’ll have the freedom to explore at your own pace while riding tandem allows you to stick together for a vacation that is truly your own.

Sound good? Take a look at our tours that offer tandem bikes and get in touch today.

Tandem Cycling Tours

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