10th September - Land of the Jaguar


Wondered who else is on this trip??

Really looking forward to going ...... countdown has begun


Hi Christina

I'm on that trip as well, so looking forward to it, can't wait. Great to know someone else is going, maybe nearer time we can arrange to meet up at the airport for the flight.


Hi which trip in sept are you booked on.? We are on the 10th departure .

Hi. I am going on the 10th departure. Are you on the group flight?

Anyone going on 10th Sept trip and is on the group flight, do you fancy meeting up at heathrow?

Hi Sorry for late reply. Would love to meet up at heathrow. I am flying down from Manchester (flight lands at 1820). Let me know where you would like to meet
Hope your packed??

Hi. Good to hear from you. I get to the airport by 7, coming up from Brighton. Will go straight through security. My number is 07884 275503, give me a text when your there and we'll find somewhere to meet. So looking forward to this trip - it should be amazing

Just had a look and there is a harrods in T3 (would thimk there is prob only one). If don't hear from you, hows about meeting outside there at 7.45? I will have exodus tag on my hand luggage (purple rucsac). Looking forward to meeting a fellow travel buddy

Hi Kazza

I will be there at 7.45. My number is 07974242936....... can't wait spent the last few months on trip Advisor, only a few weeks ago a couple had two jaguar sightings.

Brill - look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Seems to be the best place for a chance to see jaguar so hope we are lucky

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