13/14-29th September

Hi, I'm Justine and I'm travelling solo on the Inca trail, Nazca Lines and Titicaca trip. Just wondering who will be travelling with me? I'm getting excited and just a bit nervous as the trip gets closer, it would be nice to get to know my fellow travelers before we go. 


Hi Justine, I am also travelling solo on this trip! Only recently booked so extremely excited (nerves haven't really set in yet, but I'm sure they will!) Are you departing from London on the 13th?

Hi Hannah, thank for your response, it's good to know I'm not the only solo traveller. I'm leaving from Manchester so will arrive in Lima the day before the London group arrive but then I also leave a few hours earlier on the return date. 

I booked this trip back in December so I've had plenty of time to let the excitement build. 

Have you done much walking in preparation?


Hi Justine & Hannah

I believe we are on the same trip. However, I'm doing the Moonstone Trek (apparently on my own so far!) as tickets had sold out for the Inca Trail.

I'm looking at the trip notes and making my travel list ...

I walk a lot but mainly on the flat with my dog so was thinking of getting some hill walking practice ready for the higher altitude!

Hi Lyn, Good to hear from you. I'm also getting my kit together, had my polio and tetanus jabs yesterday so a sore arm today. I've been a bit lazy recently with my walking but I've got a few hill walks planned for the next couple of weeks to get me back into it. Hopefully the weather will let up with the rain as it's hard going at the moment where I live.  


Hi Justine and Lyn, sorry about the delayed response, I just had a few days away with no internet! In answer to your question Justine I have been trying to do more than usual (have also been lazy) but this trip is the motivation get more mountains/hills involved as my usual walks are flatter. Lyn, I am also doing the Moonstone trek! When I booked they said one other person was doing it so i assume that must be you! How exciting! I had my DTP a few years ago so thankfully don't have to have that but am in the midst of rabies vaccinations (second one is tomorrow) so still have those to look forward to!

Hi Hannah & Justine

Really pleased I have company on the Moonstone Trek now Hannah-how exciting!

I'm thinking about what to pack-do either of you have any tips? I guess layers of clothes would be better than heavy ones-also some waterproofs? I think it's pretty warm at sea level but chillier at 4000m?





Hi Lyn and Hannah,

I've got most of my stuff together now but am also still missing waterproofs, I used a couple of blogs to work out what to get, this one has some pricey stuff on it but some good ideas too https://www.machupicchutrek.net/inca-trail-packing-list-machu-picchu/

and I've also looked at Exodus' kit list. I've got layers too and someone I met who walked the Inca Trail recommended a Northface Thermoball which I bought last winter and have already got loads of wear out of it, it's really cosy. They are quite expensive but now it's summer there are some in the sales.

I have absolutely no idea what to pack for none hiking days though.

Not long now ladies, only five weeks!

Looking forward to meeting you both, and also wondering who I'll be trekking with?

See you soon Justine

Hi Hannah, Justine and Lyn,

I'm Amanda and I'm also on the trip and travelling solo!  I booked up nearly a year ago (!!)  so I've had a lot of time to get excited, but it's beginning to feel real now and I realise I need to do some training!  

I also haven't started shopping for kit yet...

Did you get the Exodus kit bag?  It's huge!  They do say they prefer you use it, but with only 7kg things are going to rattle around in it and also, I presume we'll need to pack them into our 'normal' cases and it'll take up a lot of room!  Have any of you had any thoughts about using/not using it?

Looking forward to meeting you all!


I forgot to say, my daughter gave me a brilliant book at Christmas called 'the last days of the Incas' by Kim Macquarrie - it's a gripping read (and almost makes me want to boycott Lima for what the Spanish did!) and I would highly recommend it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Days-Incas-Kim-MacQuarrie/dp/0749929936/re...


I forgot to say, my daughter gave me a brilliant book at Christmas called 'the last days of the Incas' by Kim Macquarrie - it's a gripping read (and almost makes me want to boycott Lima for what the Spanish did!) and I would highly recommend it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Days-Incas-Kim-MacQuarrie/dp/0749929936/re...


Hi All

Hello to Amanda and thank you ladies for all the helpful links.

I plan on using the Exodus kitbag but I confess to being a little overwhelmed with my packing as prior to the Trek I'm going on a medical expedition for 2 weeks and have to pack for life on a medical ship on the Amazon as well.

Anyone else going to the Amazon jungle?


Hi all. Myself and my friend Helen are doing the Inca trail too (leaving from Heathrow on the 14th). No idea what to expect as never done anything like this before! Have any of you had any vaccinations for the trip? TIA

hello Lesley, I too am leaving from Heathrow (on the 13th, overnight flight?)

I had pretty much the full armful of jabs last year as I went to Tanzania, but I've just had another appointment to see if I need any more for here.  According to that, we don't need malaria unless we're going on to the amazon. Last year I had (I think!) rabies, hep A and B, diptheria and cholera which I think are advised for Peru, plus yellow fever which again is only needed  for the amazon.  I went to Boots travel who I thought were very good (I'd left it too late to go to the doctor!) - it's not cheap (though neither were the doctors!) but they last for years (or a lifetime for some).

Lyn - that sounds exciting!  Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Hi all, I am leaving from Heathrow on the 13th as well, hopefully we can all convene there before our flight? i definitely need to start gathering kit, I already have waterproofs but need more socks and layers i think! 

I went to Nomad travel clinic for jabs/advice and i got my rabies vaccination from them and typhoid/hep a from the NHS! I was told i wouldn't need yellow fever as the areas we are going on this trip (unless you are heading to the jungle) are low risk areas apparently!

does anyone have any previous experience with altitude? Never done anything like this before so wondering if anyone has any hot tips?

Getting very close now!!

Hi All

I'm leaving for my Amazonian  medical expedition tomorrow morning! I look forward to meeting you all in Lima ready for our Peruvian adventure!

Glad all that packing is done!


hi Lyn, I hope you have an amazing time in the Amazon and look forward to meeting you in Lima!

How fantastic Lyn, have a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing all about it when we are all together in Peru!

hi all,

I have a friend who did the trip in April (so I'm assuming weather would be comparable) and he said it was hot during the day and only cold once the sun goes down so I'm guessing the walking will be warm!

I bought some merino socks - they felt really itchy until you wear them but they're actually really comfortable!

I have no experience of altitude either, I'm hoping that the long drive to get to Cusco will help with acclimatisation but who knows!

I'm planning on getting to Heathrow around 3 hours before the flight but I have to go on the M25 so may be early as I've allowed extra time for potential delays - we'll have to find a meeting spot or exchange numbers nearer the time?  


Have a brilliant on The Amazon Lyn, also can't wait to hear all about your trip.

See you all soon



Hello All!

I'm Sarah, only recently booked onto the trip so I'm a bit late to the group. Hope everyone is getting organised , and also excited! I am a moonstone trekker too, when I booked I was the third on that trek, so we're going to be a small group. I've never done anything like this before, but visiting Machu Pichu has always been a dream of mine, so I decided to go for it!

Has anyone decided what money to take with them?I thought I might try to get some PEN here, and also some dollars. But just wondering what everyone else was planning?

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Another Moonstone Trekker, fab! I am on the way to being packed, i have everything but am just still using bits and pieces for walking! Good idea about PEN and dollars, that is my task for friday afternoon after work - I think somewhere on the trip notes/general exodus website it says something about currency so I was going to hunt that down! Might have completely made that up but we shall see! Getting close now everyone!

Who is flying from Heathrow next wednesday evening? And shall we rendez-vous before check in so we could see if we can get seats roughly together? It's a long flight so seems like quite a good time to get to know one another! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Sounds like a good plan. I am on that flight so would be happy to meet up. All being well I should be at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Does anyone know a good place in T3, or shall we just pick a shop to wait near?

hi guys, I've just been looking up the hand baggage allowance and found that you're prohibited from bringing a samsung galaxy Note 7 on board - either in hand baggage or in the hold.

Just thought I'd mention in case any of you have that phone - it would be awful to have it taken off you!

I don't know T3 but see there's a Cafe Nero after security or Costa before - would it be better do you think to meet once we're through in case we all arrive at different times? (M25 at rush hour to negotiate!)

I can't believe this is coming up this week!  I'm very excited to meet you all!



i also can't believe we're finally leaving for Peru this week! im also excited to meet everyone and get to know you all. I'll meet you all when you arrive at the hotel in Lima as I'm traveling from Manchester. Have a safe journey and see you Thursday.  Justine 

hello everyone, this is all very exciting isnt it! Looking forward to meeting you in Lima Justine, have a safe flight!

with regards to meeting at Heathrow, after security in cafe Nero sounds like a great idea Amanda, it looks like they have block booked us seats together anyway! I am aiming to get there well in advance and will eat at the airport (I am coming from the south west so better safe than sorry!) so will probably try and go through security at around 7pm (be at the airport 3 hours before for intercontinetal isnt it?)

how is everyone's packing going? I have just finished and it's mighty heavy, still under 20kg but only just!! Am hoping to shed some suncream/soap/trekking snacks whilst in Peru to make room for a few souvenirs on the flight home! 

Hi Hannah and everyone, perfect - I aim to get through by (or before!) 7 too - I'm coming from Sussex so not so far but you never know what the M25 is going to be like; I'm also planning to eat at the airport.

I can't fit my sleeping bag in my case but am hoping to get it in hand luggage, if I've read it right we're allowed a massive amount of hand luggage but I'm not sure if that applies to the internal flight at the end - I'd thought there was an email about it but can't find it so if anyone knows anything that would be great!  Otherwise I'm going to have to buy a larger case tomorrow but I don't want to do that if I don't have to!  In an case, I'm going to have to wear my walking boots for the flight (but take sandals) as there's no way they'll fit!  But who cares - we're going to Peru!! :)


Hi all

Is anyone leaving from Heathrow on the 14th? Our flight leaves Thursday at 22.10 and I believe we catch the Lima flight on the 14th at 8am which I presume means we start the Inca trail on the 16th. Anyone else doing the trail on that date? I'm almost packed (packed and repacked 3 times!!) and really excited/scared/nervous.......

Just noticed my error. I meant leaving Lima on the 15th and starting trail on the 17th!

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