14th October TNT Everest Base Camp Trip

Hi - I thought I'd create a specific thread for the 14th October TNT Everest Base Camp Trip to see if I can touch base with anyone else going. I'm flying from Heathrow on the 14th with Jet Airways via New Delhi.

Hi Mark,
I've the same date/itinerary as you but I'm on the TNG
High Passes to EBC ?

Hi Mark

I will be joining you, though I am coming via Doha.

Not sure why I have come up as anonymous. Its Linda by the way.

Not sure why I have come up as anonymous. Its Linda by the way.

Only the author of the 'orginal' post that starts the conversation (known as a 'room') has their name displayed, those posting a reply can do so in their message, the system doesn't display the responding writers name, apart from displaying the users nickname above their respective comments.

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Hi all,
I'm on this trip too.

I will be joining the trip also.
Regards john

Hi Linda, Adam & John,
Good to know I'm not on my own :)
Anyone doing much specific training?

Hi all Linda, Adam,John and Mark. Neil and Dorothy here. We are getting down to the nitty gritty with training and gear collection.
Is anyone getting a visa before landing in Kathmandu, I have asked but have been advised it is just as easy to get it at the airport upon arrival. Just did not want to hold up the group if everyone else is set to go with visa's before hand.
Also advised to use US$ for visa in Nepal.
Mark on the training front Neil and I have been walking or cycling or going to the gym three nights through the week. Weekend walk usually around Hampshire with any hills we can find. And a monthly long weekend hill walking North Wales or Lake District. The last push in the Lakes 29/09-01/10. Going to have an easy week just before leaving. The big thing will be slowly, slowly and lots and lots and lots of water. I can definitely do the slowly.
Hope everyone is get set and look forward to meeting all soon.

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