17 Sept?


Anyone else on the 17 September departure?


Hi Paula

Which trip, Peru, Inca, Tititcaca & Nazca?


Are you on that one too?

I am indeed...can't wait had hoped to do this trip about 2 years ago but didn't manage to get organised but I am this time. I'm coming over from N Ireland to join the group flight at Heathrow. Trying to figure out what I need to bring by the looks of things we will be experiencing a wide range of temperatures. I am also trying to get fitter...heres hoping that works out!

Yes, this trip has been on my list for ages and glad I am finally doing it! I am rubbish at packing so need to have a proper think about this one!

Where in N Ireland are you from - my housemate is from Belfast. I live in London and will be flying separately to the group so will see you in Lima.

I'm from an area about 20 miles south of Belfast called Seaforde in the countryside but I worked in Belfast for years and lived there on and off during my student days. Anyway getting closer now I am really starting to get excited. I think I have managed to get a range of things that will hopefully suit the temperature differences we will be experiencing, but yeah careful packing will be necessary on this one!

Ha, I haven't started thinking about packing! I have bought hiking boots though, which is a start I guess. Yes, coming up quite soon now and getting excited!

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