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8th January Grand Tour Thailand and Indo China AOG

My wife Iva and I are already looking forward to getting away from this wet cold weather.

We have just had our injections and were advised that because the areas we are visiting are classified as low risk to malaria we don not need to take any tablets. Has anybody had any different advice from their medical travel consultants?

Hello Les & Iva,
Have just submitted a three page fact file to my GP, only then can i see the nurse regarding jabs n tabs. Will let you know how i get on.
I have read that the Laos mozzies are quite formidable creatures!

Les, I researched and then spoke to my Doctor. Our problem is that there are a couple of areas where malaria is a slight risk. If you start taking tablets you might as well as continue as they only work if taken for at least 2 weeks after leaving the risk area. I have lived in Africa and seen the results of malaria. It only takes one mosquito to give you malaria. If you use DEET and dress sensibly, the chance of getting it is very small. However, the consequences are significant. The decision is yours. Rabies is a similar situation but I am not having a rabies jab because I can at least see the animal or bat that is going to bite me. I will probably not see the mossie! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi all,

I am traveling on my own in January and I can't tell you how excited I am!

There is just one thing I'm not sure about. Do we need to apply for visas now or can we do it on borders/airports?

Any advice regarding this would be much appreciated.

Can't wait to meet you all!


Pattie, you may have already checked with Exodus but my understanding is:
Thailand - visa exempt
Laos - buy visa at border
Vietnam - visa exempt
Cambodia - buy visa at border
Best wishes

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