8th October departure - any fellow travellers out of Heathrow?

My friend Lisa and I are looking forward to our trip to Morocco! Just wanted to connect with any other travelers?

I will be travelling on the Thai Indochina Explorer tour leaving Heathrow that day - from Terminal 4. Should be there most of the morning - my flight is at 11:55!

Hi Jane, I'm also going to be on that trip as a solo traveller. Looking forward to the trip, although i'm not looking forward to the arrival time in Morocco!

Sorry, just posted above and can't work out how to change my name from Anonymous, my name's Helena.

Hi, I shall be departing on the 8th too for Morocco- excited! Hannah :-)

Hi All, it's Helena again, does anyone want to meet up at Heathrow before we depart? I don't know the terminal very well so can anyone suggest a good place/time to meet?

Hi all.
So looking forward to our trip! With Helena in not looking forward to the arrival time in Morocco, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of sleep on the flight. I don't know the terminal at Heathrow very well either, but happy to meet up with folk before departing too. I'll have my phone so I'll check on here to see if anyone's gathering at a location :-)
See you all on Saturday! Fiona

Hi all. I'm in Pret in T4 if anyone is about & looking for someone to chat to now our flight's been cancelled!

Hi it's Helena, im tied to the mobile charger outside Harrods in T4. Im going to be here for a bit! Im dressed in black with a red headscarf and pigtails- pretty hard to miss lol!

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