8th September Jordan

Hello was just wondering who will be on this trip on the 8th september a week in Jordan ! 



My partner and I are going 7-18th on the Hidden Treasures trip, is this the one you mean?

Hi Chris

I have just booked for this trip. I've not visited Jordan before but it's been on my list for a while 

Sounds good yeah it’s my first time looking forward to it .



Hello, I'm coming too. I'm a novelist, written a book about Petra but never been. love the desert

See you all ! 


Look forward to meeting you all soon then ! 


Hi Victoria - looking forward to meeting you. 

The temperatures in Jordan may not be daunting having acclimatised here in sunny England (unusually). It's sweltering again here in Sussex!


Just to say will keep an eye out for you all at Heathrow.......Dead Sea next week! 


Can’t wait, going to be a fun trip 

Better iron my Burqa!

See ya

Getting very excited now..... found all necessary documents! Good to go... I'm flying from Heathrow too....

See you there ! 

No camels for me..........they make you sea sick!

Dinars all ready, batteries all charged. Still to pack but raring to go. See you all at Heathrow.

jack and Eileen.

Here’s my facebook if anyone wanted to meet for a drink at the moment before hand 




See you all soon 

No dinars.....yet ...but checked travel insurance for emergency helicopter and worried for 2 days about being kidnapped!

Checked how near Syrian border we are


No worries a Sufi friend says it is fine.........but he's a man! 

So all under control!

All joking aside FB is 


Whattsapp +447710668394.........if you fancy a drink in departure lounge anyone.




Hi everyone.  I hope you have a great time.  if you have any tips when you get back, please do share!  Off to try and see if I can get anyone on the later trip to post!  Hazel

Meanwhile if anyone fancies my novel...on ebook or print   historical fantasy .....some of it based around the Nabateans and Petra  , here is a link.




Hi - just packing and wonder how you got on.  Any hints or tips on things to take/not take, tipping when there etc?  Hope you had an amazing time!  Thanks



It was very fast paced, recovery tablets, cereal bars, rehydration packets, really lightweight comfy shoes for climbing 1200 ft or 12 km up a mountain!

Yes it was epic but lots of early mornings and so fast paced that my head is still reeeling.

I think it will depend on your group. Very well organised if you get Eddie as a guide he is wonderful.

Good luck, happy Jordan it is beautiful


Thanks V.  We have a mix of ages from 30s to 70s so could go any way...sounds as if more than a level 2 (?).  Fine for me anyway.  Is it worth taking a dress or more cut-offs, shorts (?) lightweight trousers?  I am trying to cull luggage but will still take too much.  Was the desert as cold as it implies?  I have a really light down jacket which packs down.

I wore shorts, but light baggy trousers were a favourite. I took two dresses which I wore and take plenty of T shirts. It is hot hot hot, the desert is hot at night. You don't need a down anything! Lol. I washed T shirts, shorts ,as I went along, they get soaking wet. The high climbs in Petra are great! I skipped up the mountain in a pair of Primark slip ons that cost me 2 quid. Other's had hiking boots and stick thingies! Have fun ....would have loved to stay two days in Aqaba on the beach .........stay away from Kebab shop in Amman a couple of Icelandic ladies got ill ........apart from that it is wondrous .

According to some who had been on lots of Exodus trips it was intense


ps drink lots of the tea on offer it helps!

You sound as if you are at least half my age and can exist with minimum luggage - my sons can manage it, I still struggle.  Haha.  I have refined my packing but will keep the (summer weight) jacket as I think it will be useful for when I get back if nothing else.  Can't wait now.  

Love tea and happy to drink black!  Will be happy and will def avoid any food which could be dodgy even if appealing.  Am guessing it isn't as strict as Iran, which a friend did, when you had to cover your head at all times as well as shoulders and ankles I believe!  I have a white cotton scarf to cover all eventualities.  Walking shoes may still come to avoid exacerbating an old ankle injury but they are light and shoes, not boots!  May take a pole more for the walking down...H x


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