Adventures in Belize 9th August - whose going?


Is anyone going on Adventures in Belize leaving next Sunday (9th August)?

I think I'm on the group flight out with ba and then stop over in Miami. It would be nice to meet up at Heathrow if anyone fancies it....

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,


Hi, I am going on the Adventures in Belize Trip and would definitely be keen to meet up at Heathrow.

We'll be at Heathrow too. Would you like to suggest a place to meet?

Hi, sorry only just seen this. I don't know terminal 5 very well but online it says there's a pret a manger after security so I'll drop by there at 9.45 on the off chance any one else is there. Otherwise maybe see you at the gate. I'll be wearing blue and white trousers and carrying a red rucksack. Can't wait to meet you all. Kike

Our travel info says terminal 3 not terminal 5. Flight aa057.
I have a brown bumbag and a teeshirt with a picture of a lady taking a photo xxx

Hi, I'm on flight ba0207 at 10.45 so it looks like we're on different flights. Hopefully we'll see each other at the hotel in Miami.

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