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Africa Wildlife and Wine 14th September

Anyone else booked to go on this?  Looks like a really good itinerary.

Hi Hannah,

I am booked on this trip with one of my friends too!! Looking forward to it, as the itinerary looks great. What could be better than combining all that sightseeing and wildlife with lots of lovely wine?! 😊🍷

Looking forward to meeting you. 

See you in September!! 




Hi my wife and myself will be joining also. Looking forward to meeting all the group. We will be traveling from Malta

Hi Helen and Anthony, great to hear from you and not long to go now.  Is anyone else booked on BA flights?  Have been having a look at alternative options for getting back from Cape Town on the 27th if the strikes go ahead!


Yes not long to go now. Looking forward

Is the strike with BA only or the airport in Cape town ?

The strike is only with BA - still a chance it might not go ahead but if it does, there won't be a return flight with them on the 27th.  They'll either transfer anyone on the flight to a different airline or offer a later date.  Other airlines are unaffected.

Hi Hanna, Greta here, Anthony’s wife. Looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for info re BA. We are flying Emirates . Hope the strike does not happen. Have asked exodus for info on who is joining the trip. So far we are 9, 6 females and 3 men. Will anyone be flying from OR Tambo Johannesburg to Victoria Falls. We are on flight SA40 at 10.50 am. 

My wife and I from Hampshire will be joining you lovely people either 2 weeks tomorrow or two weeks today depending on the flights. We are flying SA235 out to Joburg. We are looking forward to the full programme and hope to record some happy memories with our cameras. We love nature and wildlife as much as wine and are staying on for an extra day to do a photographic tour around Cape Town. It sounds a cosy trip and we look forward so much to meeting you all and having a fabulous time together :-) :-)

I'm on SA40 too so hopefully we'll all be able to find each other at the other end!  Welcome Roger - which bit of Hampshire are you from?  I'm near Southampton.

Hi Hannah - Chandlers Ford so somewhere near you :-). Let us know if we can give you a ift to the airport. Email id is [email protected],com phone 02380 253600

Hi everyone was looking up things to do in Cape Town. This certainly looks interesting: Stardust Theatrical restaurant in Woodstock which is quite close to our guest house. Do look it up 🙂

Thanks for the offer Roger, I've already got transport sorted to the airport, I think my flight leaves a couple of hours after yours so I'm not going up until probably a bit later.  May see you in in Jo'burg or if not, when we all get to Victoria falls!

Hi Hannah

Welcome Roger. Looking forward to meeting you all. We will be flying out from Malta on the 13th and will be spending the first night at the Aviator Hotel on OR Tambo and flying to Victoria the next morning. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks for update Anthony. Likewise look forward to meeting you and all on the trip. Just off to Asda now to pick-up some malaria tablets. Cheers Roger

Anyone figured how we keep the number of currencies down eg will US $ and SA Rand suffice?

Hi Roger we are only getting up Rand  and Dollars as Cash. Could not find Pula . And cards  where accepted 

Great - we came to the same conclusion. I will be taking an AA cash card just in case. Cheers Roger

Hi All

Have just met a friend who has returned form Cape town last Friday, She said it is quite cold in the evening at Cape Town. Us coming from such a warm country, cold might mead diffrent to you coming from the UK. Thought I will let you know.


Anthony - thanks for the info. The temperature is indeed a few degrees warmer than here but appreciate the evenings may not be T-shirt warm

I think when I booked that Exodus told me that the return group flight was the 7.30pm BA departure on the 27th.  I was just checking in the app and looks like I may have been moved to an earlier flight on that day with Ethiopian via Addis Ababa.  Anyone else affected?

Hannah - sorry to hear that if it has substance. We are not affected as leaving next day using SA airways. Good luck

Hi Hannah we are are not using exodus to fly out. We will be flying out with Emirates. Best to confirm with exodus before you leave. See you all soon. Have a good flight everyone 

Safe flight 🛫 everyone, see you soon 😄

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