AIC Highlights of Northern India

My friend and I are going on this trip on 20th October. Any fellow travellers out there on the same one?

Yes! Myself and 2 friends are on this trip. Can't wait.

Hi, we are on the same trip on the 20th. There are 4 of us travelling myself, my wife Claire and 2 other friends.
We are joining the trip in Delhi as flying with BA.
Not long now ;-)

Hi Charlotte - looking forward to meeting you and your friends.

Hi Andy - also looking forward to meeting you, your wife and friends.

We should all be able to recognise that we are on the same trip if we are all using the Exodus luggage labels!! Not long now - Lisa and I are on the count down - just the visas to sort now and we are pretty much there :)

Hi Karen,
Visa's just sorted!!!

Bags are out and final bits sorted.
Far too organised :-)

That's great! Our visas are all sorted too. Stuff everywhere getting ready to be packed this weekend. Not long now! :)

Nearly there now!
Anyone on the BA flight?

Does your flight get in around the same time as the jet airways one? Lisa and I are on that one.
Getting excited now!

Yes, we should land around an hour in front of the Jet Airways flight.

Well we will look forward to meeting you and Claire and your 2 friends on the bus then lol :) Safe trip and see you on Friday!

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