AIN Delhi to Kathmandu 2nd October

Hi there!

I'm confirmed on the 2nd October start for the Delhi to Kathmandu trip. I am making my own flight arrangements so will meet you at the hotel. I've been on a few Exodus trips before to Morocco, Ecuador, and Kilimanjaro so I'm sure this will be fantastic.

Looking forward to getting to know my fellow travellers before the trip!


I've just confirmed onto the tour this morning, and am doing the Annapurna extension after, then Everest Base Camp - maximising the time away! Never travelled with Exodus before, but have with other companies, but was really impressed at the recent Exodus Himalaya event.

Hi Mel!
Exodus are brilliant - you'll have a great time. I am also doing the Annapurna extension too! Happy to chat beforehand too - I am London-based.
Great to meet you!

I am confirmed on this trip too. I have done several Exodus trips before including Galapagos and Central Europe and have always for them to be an excellent company, so have no fears Mel.
However, this will be my first trip as a solo traveller as my husband doesn't fancy India, so a new experience for me!
I'm retired (not OLD!!!) and live in Buckinghamshire.
Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Brilliant to hear you are joining us too! I'd love to meet you both before October if either of you are near London at all. I am planning to look at Visas etc this afternoon actually and start that process.

My email address is: [email protected] if you both want to get in touch.

Happy Friday!

I'm booked on this trip. First exodus trip, first solo holiday actually and it'll be last few weeks of my twenties. Really looking forward to this. Booked flights through exodus as well.

I'm London based if any one wants to meet for a beer before departure day.

Look forward to meeting you all.

I'm in London too, so happy to meet up before. Just getting into the training and soon the trek list shopping.

Ah, fantastic - great to meet you too Mike! This is to mark the last month before I am thirty-ten ;-) I spent my 30th in Ecuador with Exodus. Nothing but great things about travelling with them!

I sorted out my own flights actually as I am using my air miles and flying Virgin instead. If you've not paid the full amount it might be a lot cheaper if you sort your own flights out as it is still relatively early.

I've also booked with another airline, I'm going to Emirates to use miles, and then Jet from Kathmandu to Delhi at end of my trip on 6 November.

What does everyone think of putting a date in the diary to meet up maybe towards the end of this month / start of July? Hope you all had brilliant weekends! Ed

Depending on day of week, I should be able to do end of month/early July for a meet-up. Just finished updating the blog with the itinerary - now it feels real! (I'm on melaniehoskin dot com)

Wow! Do you ever stop Mel? Very impressive!

Sounds good to me and I'm around at the end of the month. Please do suggest a time / place

I'm in East London but happy to meet centrally if that works. Do you think this is worth continuing privately? My email address is listed on this post and we can sort somewhere offline.

I've sent you an email Ed with dates I can do - I'm in South West London.

Got it thanks! Anyone else like to join us? I was going to suggest Covent Garden perhaps. How does 27th or 28th work with everyone?

Unfortunately can't manage June/July - off diving at the end of this month and touring Switzerland by train early July - busy, busy, busy!
I could manage some time in early August if anyone is interested, can get to London fairly easily from Bucks.
This visa business looks complicated!

I'm meeting with Mel on Tuesday still in Covent Garden. Anyone is welcome to join us if around - if not, no worries, there will be other opportunities!
Nah, the visa isn't too difficult, just make sure it's done in plenty of time. Nepal requires one too.

We were thinking of meeting up again in late July / early August in London if that suits others?
Had first of my jabs today - sore arms :-(

Mike and Trish, just starting to sort my diary for August if you did want to do a meet up.

I'm IP in London on 11 August for my visa interview (what a performance that is!) so could meet in the afternoon or early evening. How does that suit anyone?

I'm in London first thing for an appointment, but unfortunately am at an event in SW London in the evening.
I haven't quite worked out the visa thing yet - was going to go e-visa route for India, but I think as one parent in foreign that complicates things.

Mel, hi
Are you free in the afternoon of the 11th? Email me at [email protected]

I've had to drop my visa meeting as I'd only just noticed that the visa runs from the date of issue, not the date of travel and as I'd only applied for a one month visa that means I'll have to get it in late September! Let's hope nothing goes wrong then :-)
However, as I am a 'lady of leisure' I'm free to mee up pretty well any time. I need about 48 hours notice, that's all.

Trish, I'm up in Central London (Covent Garden) next Tuesday afternoon/eve, if you want to meet for a drink.

Hey Trish,

I know it says your visa is from the day of issue but I got a 6 month visa as it doesn't cost anymore than a 1 month visa. I have a double entry visa as I need to stay overnight in Delhi - purely so I can fly Virgin back to London - ridiculous! Make sure you read the instructions clearly - specifically the photos they asked for are not the usual passport size but larger.

Hi everyone

I'm booked on this trip. I'm 43 and live in the North West Scottish Highlands . It's my first trip with Exodus so I'm wanting some advice on what type of luggage to take. Is it a suitcase or large rucksack? Do we take clothes for each day or are we travelling light ?
Look forward to meeting you all.



Mel, unfortunately I'm in Birmingham next Tuesday! Not very helpful...
Ed, I've already applied and paid for my visa and can't change it.
Mike, you'll have a great time! Exodus is a really good company. I'm taking a suitcase with as many clothes as I can cram in, but some people use holdalls/rucksacks, it's really up to you.

Thanks Trish.
Wish I could meet up with you all before but that would be a trip in itself.

Hi Trish,

I applied for a month and was literally just explained at the counter and he changed the form from 1 to 6 months and let me initial it. It wasn't an e-Visa for a full one costing £109.


Hi Mike (a second Mike in the group!),
I'm probably taking a lightweight suitcase with a holdall inside, but I'm doing the Annapurna 4 day extension - not sure who else apart from Ed is doing that), and then I'm staying in Kathmandu a few days before then heading on Exodus's Everest Base Camp 16 day trip - so I'm packing for 5 weeks away and also have to bring the trekking kit, sleeping bag, down jacket etc etc.
I haven't done my visa yet - I'm going to apply for the e-visa as soon as the window opens to do it, and if it fails, then apply quick the other route with the face to face. Fingers crossed! I'm getting the photos later this week.

Hi Mel,
Thanks for info. You are going to have a great holiday by the soundsame of it .
I'm also getting e-visa. As for photos can you just use passport photo machine??? I heard they can't be used.
How much cash in Rupees and Nepalese rupee is everyone taking?

I'm getting my local Jessops to do the photos this week as I also need several sets for the trekking permits for both the Annapurna extension, and then for EBC. I'm also going to get my Nepal visa at the border - the Exodus Product Manager said it's easy enough to do and it seems a lot cheaper??
Not sure about money yet, although probably wouldn't post online an amount ;-) I know that cash points are few and far between, but I don't want to be carrying 35 days worth of money if I can help it - I never carry cash these days...

Hi Mike,
For the Indian Visa the size is different to normal passport photos - slightly larger. The visa instructions are very specific.

Indian Rupees are a currency that can't be taken out of the country so you need $US. I emailed Niraj who is the trip manager at Exodus to ask on this and a recommended amount to bring. Will update when I know more.

Sounds like you've got some amazing plans!
I got my photos done at Snappy Snaps, cost £13.99.
I'm taking a small amount of sterling and a debit card. We should be able to get cash at the airport or at least in Delhi. For Nepal I'll probably wing it!

I've discovered I've got to get the multi-entry visa because they don't check my bags through on the way back :-(

They do like to make things complicated don't they? I cancelled my first appointment because they didn't have the bookings for September online and now I can't get the website to let me rebook!

I found it really easy actually. Booked on the Thursday for a Monday morning appointment. Got my visa 3 days later. So long as you follow everything to the letter you'll be fine.

Hi Ed, thanks for info. I'm probably best phoning Niraj as I have lots of other questions.
Need to pull my finger out I think!

Just booked my appointment for the 6th September up at Paddington, and have paid the fee. A lot more than the e-tourist visa I'd been planning to do, all because I'm flying back via Delhi and you can only stay in transit without a visa if you are using the same airline or a codeshare. So as I'm Jet Airways from Kathmandu to Delhi, then Emirates, I have to go through immigration to get bags and then check in again at Delhi straight away. That needs a double entry visa, and going through the appointment process :-(

Yep...same here (as you know from our texts!) - but I'm determined to make my extra hours in Delhi amazing!! It serves us right for not going economy eh Mel? ;-)

Would have been the same in economy - changing airline ;-)

Yeah, but I am organizing my own flights so I can go with Virgin!

If you wanted to meet up on the evening of the 6th in London, I am going to be up there as have to get my visas that day.

Not sure if the rest of you have seen this. If not:

I'm really looking forward to joining you all on this trip (once I've replaced my Deet-ravaged passport and got my visa together).

Sorry I thought I'd posted a reply to your invite to meet up on 6th.
I'll be diving in the Red Sea all next week :-) - it's a hard life!
Looks like it's going to be in Delhi after all :-(

No worries. Are you all on the group flight (apart from Mel)? I'm taking the Virgin flight from LHR an hour later in case anyone else is on that one.

I'm about to start packing soon. I have a loft conversion taking place whilst I am away so trying to clear things for that first but I am nearly ready.

I was thinking if anyone else is up for joining a Whatsapp group for this? Mel and I are already in contact and wondering if anyone else wants to join in?

I pick up my visas on Tuesday. It's come around quick- 4 weeks time and my flight will be taking off about now.

Put my visa in yesterday, so just waiting for it to be posted back. Got a 6 month multi-entry. Will do the Nepal one on entry.

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